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Take a look in "The Future" Fish Gallery to see the stunning fish we have introduced to the Main Lake.

Take a look in "The Future" Fish Gallery to see the stunning fish we have introduced to the Main Lake.

Now you also have a chance to benefit from this stocking, as we are giving you the chance to win an amazing prize worth over £3,000 in total!

A bounty has been placed on the heads of the new stockies – all of which were photographed on both sides at the time of stocking – and will be won by whoever catches the first authenticated one at a weight of 20lb or above.


The prize consists £1,000 worth of fantastic Korda tackle, plus a weeks holiday for two people at Gigantica; and if that wasn’t enough already, you will also get a 48 hour tuition session with carp catching machine Darrell Peck.


Despite being just three summers old, several of the stock fish have already reached double-figures, with the largest being a beautiful, chunky mirror of 13lb that was named Hector. Gigantica boss Danny Fairbrass, who helped to stock the fish, enthused: “This is the first ever stocking of fish since we’ve had the lake, and it’s been a very long to get here.


“The stock ponds were built five years ago, and the fish went in three years ago when we collected eggs out of the main lake with the help of Simon Scott, and ever since we’ve been grading and thinning them out, and have kept feeding them. Bearing in mind in England, a three year old C3 fish is around 6lb, if it is a big one, so to have four C3 fish over 10lb is amazing, and Simon Scott reckons they should at least double their weight within the first year in the Main Lake, and I reckon they should be 30s within a couple of years or so.


“We now have 37 new fish in the Main Lake, which we’ve never previously stocked in the eight years that we’ve had it, and the reason for that is, any time you put new fish in there’s a risk of killing what you’ve already got. But by taking them out as eggs and growing them on-site, so they’ve never been mixed with anything else, we kept everything as bio-secure as possible,” he added.


To be in with a chance of claiming the bounty, all you need to do is come and fish Gigantica Main Lake, and if you are lucky enough to catch one of the smaller fish, make sure you get it checked by a bailiff to see if it is one of the stockies, and if it is the first one to be caught over 20lb, then you can claim the prize.