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Meet the Team at Gigantica

Meet the Team at Gigantica

The team at Gigantica are here to ensure you have the best possible time on your French Carping Holiday. Not only are they all very experienced carp anglers who can advise and mentor; but they also pride themselves on the levels of customer service they deliver.

Andy Savage (left of pic) started the position of Operations Manager at Gigantica in November 2016, having left the Armed Forces after 24 years service. An avid angler from a very young age, Andy has over 30 years of carp fishing experience behind him, along with a wealth of knowledge on European carping, having lived and fished on the continent for ten years. He is also a classically trained chef and enjoys nothing more than meeting new people and helping them achieve their angling goals.

Adrian “Buzz” Burrett (right of pic) has worked at Gigantica for over two years now and is the font of knowledge on the fishes behavioural patterns at all times of year, in both lakes. Danny has christened him the “Winter Specialist” as even in the coldest, darkest depths of winter, Buzz still manages to catch. A vastly experienced bailiff, drawing on over 35 years of carping experience and 10 years as a bailiff; he is one of those anglers who people listen to when he gives advice.

James Jones (centre of pic) is the latest addition to the team, coming on board in April this year. His professional background is deeply rooted in the hospitality and fine dining sector, where he started his career at Claridges under Gordon Ramsey. Angling has always been an integral part of his life and he has carp fished in the UK and Europe for the last 25 years. He is a very amiable character and a real people person, who has proven to be a great hit with visiting anglers since coming to Gigantica.

Mark Rigby is the unsung hero of the operation, being the first point of contact for anyone booking his or her trip to Gigantica. Mark runs the booking office in the UK, and keeps everything up to-date and running smoothly. Like the rest of the team he is also a super keen carp angler and is very well versed with what is going on out at the lake. He can advise on equipment, bait, strategy and anything else that you may need to know prior to your trip. Just give him a call on 01268 820440 and see for yourself.

At Gigantica we never rest on our laurels and are always looking at ways to improve the way we operate. All the team look forwards to meeting new and old acquaintances and are focussed on setting the benchmark for other fisheries to emulate. Good Luck and Tight Lines to all…..from Team Gigantica.