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Drop Tail

  • 67lbs 12oz Alcatraz sep'11
  • 67lbs 12oz  Alcatraz Sep'11
  • 72lb June 2012 Alcatraz
  • 68lb+ Alamo Summer'11
  • 57lb November 08
  • 53lb September 08
  • 55lb September 09
  • 55lb September 09

67lbs 12oz Alcatraz sep'11

This fish got caught the week we bought the lake in Sep 08 at 53lbs, then Tim Paisley caught it from Co's in Nov 08 at 57 and it graced the front of Carp Talk as a result. It came on a single in Big Girls Sep 09 and Danny F caught it again a week later from Co's in Sep 09 at 55 and it looked immaculate as usual.

It then went missing for nearly 2 years and then got caught at 68lbs again from Co's in August 11! Danny F had it a second time from Alcatraz at 67lbs and it broke through the 70 pound barrier in June 12 taken again from Alcatraz at 72lbs on a Zig!!!

The fish clearly lihe the middle of the lake and Co's and Alcatraz seem to be its preferred feeding spots so far.