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Danny, is it true that you are making an island in the middle of Gigantica?

No there is no way an island could be made in the middle of such a large and deep water; it would take millions of tonnes of gravel! What we have done is close swim 13. The old duck hunting shack is gone and a large shallow gravel area has been created so swims 1 and 11 can cast over towards it. This creates a new shallower area in the lake which should be a good daytime feeding area.

In the long term we aim to create numerous gravel humps around the lake by dropping huge quantities of gravel from a special barge. This will now happen in November this year because there is a real risk of dropping 30 tonnes at a time straight onto a dormant fish. We do not want to bury a 75 pounder! We want you to catch it next year

Are you going to net Christophe so you finally will know exactly how much fish is in there? They told me that there are more then a thousand carps in Christophe? Are you going to put more (bigger) carps into Christophe?

We are not going to net the lake because the depth and size makes it impossible. Instead we are making a file on our computer for every single fish that is caught whether its 10 pounds or 70 pounds. Our fishery experts estimate we shall know the exact number in 2 years of making records.

I estimate that there are between 300 and 600 fish but I may be wrong. Alex van Vorst actually saw 280 new fish go in a couple of years ago, that’s on top of what is already in there. I think the depth and size of the water makes it very hard to guess.

We are not going to put any new fish in the lake this season, we want to see how many get caught each week before risking the lives of all the existing fish by putting new ones in. we do not think it is worth loosing the stock of huge fish for the sake of a few new ones at this stage.

Regarding bigger fish there are already 5 different 60’s and at least one 70 right now, is that big enough?

Hi Danny, Why changing names..? St Christophe is a well known name….Gigantica doesn’t ring a bell…

Good question Theo. Christophe is well known but this is a new beginning for the water and I wanted a name which stood out from all other waters in France. Our fishery management will make sure that in years to come it will challenge even rainbow lake for number of big fish per acre so I think ‘Gigantica’ says exactly what the lake will be, a land of giants! Ours is a long term plan both regarding the stock of fish and the facilities on the water.

Hi Danny, are you going to make a DVD underwater at Gigantica? I thought you made some recording at Abbey last year? Alex was telling on his DVD (part 3) that you will bring out part 7 with underwater recordings of Abbaye? Nothing so far…

Hello Frank, we did film at Abbey, for 2 weeks in May when the carp were spawning much of the time and 2 weeks in October, both were on the same clear spot near the island on Heron, the same swim Alex fished in his DVD actually.

The problem was we didn’t catch enough fish to live up to the reputation of the previous DVD’s so we decided to scrap the footage or use it when Part 7 does work for us. What I can tell you is the fish were massively spooky of rigs on clear spots. They didn’t feed with the enthusiasm we expected and when they did the rarely picked up a hookbait. Fishing in shallow weed was a far better way to catch fish so if you are going avoid the really clear areas.

We are filming again this spring at another water and if we catch the film will be out in November.

We are watching the water at Gigantica to see if it ever gets clear enough, if it does maybe we will make a film in a few years time. We also have waters in The Netherlands and England perfect for an underwater film so we wish to explore these opportunities first!

Can I bring my dog along?

The answer to this is a NO to all animals.

Are non-angling guests allowed?

Yes, you can bring a friend/partner along with you at an extra cost of £170 for the week, for this they do receive the same food package as the paying angler.