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  • Is there a better place to wake up?
  • We cherish our prized residents.
  • Atmospheric mornings...
  • Keeping them safe during capture is paramount.
  • This could well be you!
  • We're here to help you with your dream fish.
  • We will take top quality images of your fish for you.
  • When it all goes right and you land your new PB.
  • Some anglers show real affection for the fish.
  • The business end of a 'super-beast'.
  • The sunsets are as good as the sunrises. What will the night bring?
  • Bring your mates along for a week you won't forget.
  • Back to the clear waters of Gigantica.
  • The snags in the edges can be brutal. Make sure your tackle is up to the test.
  • We will help you with weighing your fish.
  • Netting another banger at Gigantica.

Is there a better place to wake up?


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Available Spaces
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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12




We have three "Golden Rules" which we expect you to follow. 


ØRespect the Venue

ØRespect the Fish

ØRespect other Anglers


Please see more details below regarding our golden rules.


Respect the Venue


1.    Every carp must be weighed and photographed on both sides. Enter the details onto the catch report forms provided.

2.    Bream & Tench - place in a keep net or retainer and inform the bailiff.

3.    Maximum of three rods per angler. All in the same swim.

4.    Do not cut back tree branches or vegetation.

5.    Please leave the toilet and shower facilities in a clean and tidy condition.

6.    Drug and Alcohol abuse is not tolerated, those found highly intoxicated will be asked to leave, and placed on a collective fishery ‘black list’.            

7.    No fires, including all forms of BBQ/fire pit.

8.    No glass to be brought on site

9.    No Natural baits i.e Maggots, worms, caster

10.All vehicles must be parked in the designated car parks after unloading. The track must be kept clear at all times.

11.Anglers must leave the lake by 10am on Saturday following their session.


Respect the Fish


1.    Gigantica unhooking mats, nets, weight slings, carp care kits MUST be used. Scales will not be provided.

2.    No carp sacks allowed on site.

3.    No leadcore or lead free leaders; except for Korda Dark Matter Leaders, or similar.

4.    Barbless Hooks Only - No long, curved shank hooks or 360 rigs to be used. If found to be using barbed hook, you will be asked to leave premises immediately and added to the collective fishery ‘black list’.

5.    Minimum reel line diameter of 0.40mm (we recommend 15lb Touchdown).

6.    No braided reel lines or shock leaders allowed; including fluorocarbon and mono shock leaders (with the exception of spod/marker rods).

7.    Tapered Mainlines are permitted, minimum diameter is 0.33mm (12-30lb Longchuck is perfect).

8.    For Zig fishing, 0.30mm minimum hooklink diameter.

9.    All rigs must be safe, ensuring that the Carp can lose the lead in the event of a “crack off” or the line breaking.

10.Any fish suspected to be over 50lb must not be removed from the water without the bailiff being present, day or night. Leave it in the net and contact the bailiff ( 24 hours).

11.Rods must not be left unattended under any circumstance in Billy's, Cage, Beach, Decoy, Bachelliers and Turtle Corner. When fishing tight to any tree line, you must fish locked up with the rods secured firmly in the butt rests.

12.Fish must never be lifted from the water in the landing net. The fish care-board explains all.


Respect other Anglers


1.    Please keep within your swim boundaries as shown on the lake map.

2.    Rigs must be cast from the bank, no wading.

3.    No remote controlled bait boats allowed.

4.    Rowing boats are not to be used.

5.    Please keep music to a low level and be aware that your voice travels in this quiet part of the countryside.

6.    No dogs or other animals allowed.

7.    No pike fishing.

8.    No anglers under the age of 18 are allowed on the Main Lake at Gigantica.