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We have three "Golden Rules" at Gigantica which we ask that you follow. The Golden Rules are: Respect the Venue, Respect the Fish and Respect other anglers.

Respect the Venue

  1. No fish are to be taken off site, or out of your swim under any circumstances.
  2. Drug and Alcohol abuse will not be tolerated, those found to be intoxicated will be asked to leave, and will be placed on a collective fishery ‘black list’, preventing them from visiting numerous other waters in France.
  3. We record the growth rate of our fish, so please ensure you weigh every Carp. We also require photo's of both sides of every fish and ask that you record the capture on the catch report forms provided.
  4. If you catch a Bream, Tench or silver fish, please place it in the keep nets provided. Inform the bailiff and they will remove them for you.
  5. Three rods allowed per angler, all three rods must be fished in the same swim.
  6. Do not cut back the vegetation, if something is in your way discuss it with the bailiff.
  7. Once you have unloaded your tackle, please keep your car in the designated car parks. Do not, obstruct the track.
  8. Anglers must leave the lake by 10am on Saturday morning following their session. Anglers arriving for their weeks fishing will not be admitted until 12 noon. The draw for swims will take place at 1pm, after everyone has had the chance to walk round the lake with the bailiff.
  9. The draw will be hosted by the bailiff by way of a watercraft draw. Each angler picks a number from the hat, which dictates the position which you will select your swim (Ball Number 1 gets first choice, Number 2 second etc). Your name will be written on the lake map when you choose your swim.
  10. Toilets and showers are available for your use. Please do not put wet wipes down the toilets as it will block the drainage system. We ask you to leave the our facilities in a clean and tidy state as you find them.
  11. No fires allowed; this includes the use of all forms of BBQ/fire pit.

Respect the Fish

  1. To stop the spread of disease, Unhooking Matts, Landing Nets, Weight Slings, Buckets, Carp Care Kits and Scales are provided. Please ensure you do not bring these items with you.
  2. Before lifting a fish from the water, ensure you have transfered it to the weigh sling provided whilst still in the water. Make sure all the fins are flat against the body. Use the Carp Care Kits on the body or mouth as required, split fins and lifted scales must be referred to the bailiff before releasing the fish.
  3. No carp sacks are allowed on site.
  4. Any fish suspected to be over 50lb's must not to be removed from the water without the bailiff being present, day or night. We want you to have the best possible pictures of the fish and we are happy to do this for you.
  5. Barbless Hooks Only - No Long Curved Shank hooks (Fox series 5, Long Shank Nailer etc).
  6. Ensure the Carp can free itself from the lead if the line breaks, fish safety is our priority.
  7. Tapered Mainlines are permitted, provided that the diameter at the thinest part is 0.33mm (12 - 40lb).
  8. Braided reel lines and shock leaders of any description are NOT permitted; this also applies to Flourocarbon and Mono shockleaders.
  9. No leadcore, "lead free" leaders of any description are permitted; except for Korda Dark Matter Safe Zone leaders, which are allowed.
  10. If you draw the ‘Tree Line’ or Scotties Corner swim you must not leave your rods under any circumstances and must fish locked up with the rods secured firmly in the butt rests, to prevent them from being pulled in.
  11. For zig fishing we allow the use of lighter hooklinks down to 0.30mm. When zig fishing, you must lose the lead on the take to stand the best chance of landing the fish you hook.

Respect other Anglers

  1. Please keep within your swim boundaries as shown on the lake map.
  2. You must cast your rigs from the bank, as the margins drop off very steeply.
  3. Remote controlled Bait Boats are not allowed.
  4. Boats may not be used to free fish from the weed without a bailiff present.
  5. We want everyone to have a great holiday, so please keep music to a low level and be aware your voices travel in this quiet part of the countryside. Complaints will be dealt with swiftly.
  6. Please leave the facilities in the clean and tidy condition that you find them. If you find the facilities to be in an untidy condtion, please let a bailiff know at the earliest opportunity.
  7. No dogs or other animals allowed.
  8. No Pike fishing.

No anglers or guests under the age of 18 are allowed on the Main Lake at Gigantica.