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What are the best rigs for Gigantica? The answer, a simple one with a sharp hook. Don't use hooks unless they are "sticky sharp", as they can be picked up and ejected many times without actually catching hold. To test the hook, drag it down your nail, it should dig in with the lightest of pressure; if it skates across the nail consider changing it for a fresh one.

Barbless rule

We insist on Barbless hooks only at Gigantica and recommend a Size 2 for all your bottom bait fishing. The Korda Curve Shank B, or Wide Gape B perofrm excellently. For Pop-Up presentations, the Krank B or Choddy B are the choice of most anglers. Barbless hooks will not fall out if the rig works correctly and the fish is played on a tight line during the fight. We stock a full range of Barbless patterns in the on site shop should you run out.

Common Mistakes

Mistakes we see anglers make at Gigantica:

Using hooks which are too small; these do not catch hold as easily in the huge mouths.

Using Semi-fixed leads, which the fish have a habit of discharging.

Using new rigs for the first time at Gigantica. Use a rig which you are confident in, and that you have caught on before. You will start to question yourself if you don't get bites.

Braid, Coated Braid or Mono

The Gigantica carp have seen most presentations over the years, and are fairly cute with rigs. A rig which turns quickly, converts far more chances. Korda IQ, IQ2, Hybrid Stiff, Mouth Trap and the new Boom material are all excellent for constructing effective rigs. If you are in any doubt, speak to one of the bailiffs, who will be happy to advise.


Zigs have proven to be very successful in the Spring as the water warms up. Adjustable zigs, have not been as successful as a long mono hooklink. We recommend the Korda Zig Line in 11lb (0.28mm) coupled with a Korda Mixa in Size 8. The use of pre-stretched lines such as Drennan Double strength are not permitted.

Foam hookbaits catch the majority of the fish, with black being the most productive, but bring a selction of colours to give you more options. Soaking the foam in Goo is deffinately worth a try, with Mystic Spice, Vindagoo and King Crab being popular.

You MUST dump the lead with zigs to give you a good chance of landing anything hooked, we ask that everyone uses a drop off inline, as this is the best way to guarantee the lead comes off. The depth they are fished varies from day to day and hour to hour. On warm sunny days, within 2ft of the surface works well; whereas, on overcast days around 5-6ft under is good. At night, half depth or a few feet off the bottom gets most bites.