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The Giggler

  • DF - 77lb - The Alamo - 04/09/2021
  • Chris Clarke - 83lb - Big Southerly - 2/10/2020
  • Gaz Harrison - 78lb 8oz - Alamo - 5/09/2020
  • Nathan Donovan, 84lb 4oz, The Alamo, 04.01.2020
  • Ali Hamidi, 61lb, The Alamo, 19.08.2017
  • Sam Jones, 61lb 12oz, Co's Point, 19/08/17
  • Jay Willis, 54lb, Scottie's Corner, August 2016
  • Simon, 63lb, Co's Point, 9.5.15
  • Mike, 52lb 4oz, The Alamo, 19.7.14
  • Albin, 57lb 8oz, Co's Point, 2.11.13
  • 53lb, The Alamo, September 2012
  • 46lb, The Beach, July 2012
  • 45lb, Alcatraz, June 2011
  • 43lb 8oz, September 2010
  • 43lb 8oz, September 2010

DF - 77lb - The Alamo - 04/09/2021

The name for “The Giggler” came about after the first recorded capture in September 2010. Korda’s Dispatch Supervisor and all-round nice bloke, Keith Rayment is a habitual “Giggler” and having landed the fish at 43lb 8oz the name instantly stuck. The fish is not a super regular visitor to the bank, normally a once a year job at best. There have been eleven recorded captures of the fish to date, and with the weight fluctuations around spawning time, we are confident it is a big female. 


Between 2010-2014 the once a year captures were during the summer months and the fish steadily pushed through the fifty pound barrier. In May 2015 she was caught from Co’s Point for the first time over sixty. At 63lb, she was obviously carrying spawn, as when Korda’s Jay Willis caught her from Scottie’s Corner in August 2016 she was back down to 54lb. In August 2017 she unexpectedly came out twice at 61lb. Firstly to Sam Jones fishing in Co’s Point and then a week later to Ali Hamidi who was filming Monster Carp in The Alamo. 


Then, just like so many others have done, she went missing.....that is until January this year. Nathan Donovan, who was fishing in The Alamo at the time was lucky enough to slip the net under her at a ridiculous 84lb 4oz. Two and a half years missing and put on 23lb in weight. Simply incredible.


Most likely time of capture - July/August/September
Preferred area - Co’s and Alamo
Hookbait - Snowman or Wafter presentations have accounted for nine out of eleven captures. Only one capture on a Pop-Up (although that was its first time over 80!).