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  • Chris Clarke - 43lb - Big Southerly - 25.09.2021
  • Colin Hitchcock with Petal 42lb 12oz The Alamo 08.06.2019
  • Danny Bleach, 45lb, The Stink, 18.8.18
  • Steve Bartlett, 40lb 4oz, Treeline, 19.5.18
  • 33lb 8oz July 2014
  • 33.00lbs Big Southerly 19.07.15
  • Gary Pallen, 36lb, Pole Position, 19.9.15
  • Tran, 33lb, Big Southerly, 19.7.14
  • Timo with a 30lb common
  • 36lbs Sep'10 from Co's
  • 36lbs Sep'10 from Co's

Chris Clarke - 43lb - Big Southerly - 25.09.2021

Named Petal after the ever smiling 'Petal' from Korda Towers and because iy has a flare of scales on either side of its body that look like Petals! several of our commons have this but most are in different places making them easy to identify>