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The Survivor

  • Richard Winters - 57lb 8oz - Bobs Beach - 31/08/2020
  • Paul Higham, 60lb 4oz, 06.07.20
  • James jones 60lb Pole Position 18.04.2020
  • Dave Bendall, 50lb 4oz, Treeline, 22.9.18
  • Gaz Harrison, 47lb, Co's Point, 2.9.17
  • Stuart Young, 49lb, Treeline, 10.06.17
  • Joe Brewer, 52lb, Bob's Beach, 20.5.17
  • Kevin, 47lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 17.9.16
  • Jonathan Deacon, 52lb 2oz, Treeline, 16.04.16
  • The Survivor 50lb 8oz Baxters
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 47lb, Oblivion, 17.10.15
  • Richard Betteridge, 46lb 4oz, The Stink, 11.7.15
  • DF, 50lb 8oz, Baxter's, 23.8.14
  • Ady, 48lb 12oz, Baxter's, 16.11.13
  • Tom with the survivor 45.11lb Alcatraz September 2013
  • Russ with "the survivor" 41.12lb, the tree line July 2013
  • 44lbs Co's Sep'10
  • 46lb, May 13, Co's Point
  • 45lbs Alcatraz Sep'11
  • 45lbs Alcatraz Sep'11

Richard Winters - 57lb 8oz - Bobs Beach - 31/08/2020

First caught by Danny F from Co's in September 10 at 42lbs when it had a huge open sore on the wrist of its tail and some tatty fins. danny T the bailiff expertly covered the sore in Sudocream which is water proof and stays on for ages. Amazingly the next person to catch it was Danny F! this time from Alcatraz at 45lbs, in september 11 the sore had healed significantly but the skin was was still red and some fins still looked tatty. Then Danny T caught it from Oblivion in October'12 when in ws easily over 50lbs but he thought it was The Bearded Lady that the other Bailiff Stevie Cowell had caught at 53lbs two weeks earlier so he didnt bother weighing it! Only Danny F's keen eye spotted that it wasnt the same fish so a fish on its last legs had 'Survived' hence the name. Most recently James's wife Helen caught it on his rods at part of his 17 fish haul on zigs off of Co's, a superb bit of angling, well done! this time at 46lbs which after the long winter on 2012 is no surprise, the red marks have gone and the fins have healed, its now a truly stunning fish and is set to acheive well over 50 again in 2012.