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  • James Jones 61lb 4oz Alcatraz 16.11.20
  • Michael Mack 51lb 8oz Pole Position 15.08.20
  • Martin Carefoot, 53lb 12oz, Stock Pond, 4.5.19
  • Dean O'Neill, 43lb 4oz, Treeline, 21.7.18
  • Andy with Classico, 46lb, Big Girls, 23.09.17
  • Jake Taylor, 44lb, The Alamo, 8.10.16
  • 37.10lbs 28.06.14 Co's
  • 40lb, The Beach, 20.6.15
  • 36lbs Alcatraz Sep'11
  • 36lbs Alcatraz Sep'11

James Jones 61lb 4oz Alcatraz 16.11.20

so called becasue this is a 'Classic' common carp, it has the trademark 'flare' of scales on both shoulders giving it away