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  • Dave Westwood, 31lb 8oz, Pole Position, 17.06.17
  • Rowan Hill, 36lb, Co's Point, 30.7.16
  • 36lb Alcatraz 30.7.16
  • Josh Cook, 36lb, Co's Point, 25.6.16
  • Peer, 37lb, The Alamo, 10.05.14
  • Simon Mack, 38lb, Co's Point, 27.6.15
  • Russ, 35lb 8oz, Big Girls, 14.6.14
  • Alcatraz June'12
  • Alcatraz June'12

Dave Westwood, 31lb 8oz, Pole Position, 17.06.17

named after one of our craziest customers yet, herbert from Munich in germany caught the fish in June'13 from Scotties and asked if it had a name. when we replied no he said at the top of his voice 'HERBRT, WE SHALL CALL HIM HERBERT!' and who were we to argue? herbert was literally shaking with excitement and he nelt down and kissed the flank of the fish before hoisting him up for the cameras, a true angler who LOVES the carp!