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  • Sam Prue, 58lb, Bob's Beach, 27.07.19
  • Paul Gilbank, 62lb, Alcatraz, 6.4.2019
  • Sam Jones, 54lb, Alcatraz, 4.8.18
  • Paul Hankin, 51lb 12oz, Co's Point 23.09.17
  • Anthony Peverill, 48lb, Treeline 22.7.17
  • Buzz, 45lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 11.7.15
  • 38lbs Big southerly June'12
  • 38lbs Big Southerly june'12

Sam Prue, 58lb, Bob's Beach, 27.07.19

Not after Damian C, but Andy C, regular customer and all round nice bloke. dont leave him alome with your Granny though, especially if there is Cider in the room!