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The Face

  • Richard Winters, 56lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 05.09.2020
  • Rob Dungate, 47lb 8oz, Bob's Beach, 4.8.18
  • John Pike, 48lb, Stock Pond, 14.7.18
  • Martin Ison, 46lb, Alcatraz, 23.09.17
  • Deacon Olley, 45lb, Big Southerly, 06.08.2017
  • Ian Thomas, 46lb 8oz, Baxter's Hole, 15.7.17
  • Adam Aldridge, 45lb, Scottie's Corner, 13.05.17
  • Anders Frank, 46lb 6oz, Oblivion, 22.10.16
  • Stuart Atkins, 43lb 10oz, The Alamo, 17.9.16
  • Steve Rocke, 45lb 10oz, Scottie's Corner, 21.05.16
  • Simon, 46lb, Co's Point, 9.5.15
  • Damian with the face 36.12lb Co's September 2013
  • Smoky with a 37.08lb mirror
  • 35lsb Co's Aug'12
  • 35lbs Co's Aug'12
  • 33lbs alamo may'11
  • 33lb alamo may'11
  • big girls June'12

Richard Winters, 56lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 05.09.2020

on the left flank there is a very wierd almost alien face looking either curious or concerned we cant decide which. on the right flank there is what looks like a can of spray paint firing out three blobs or in this case scales