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  • Jason Van Der Merwe, 77lb, Alcatraz, 19.12.20
  • Jeff Maskell - 80lb - Baxters - 28/09/2020
  • Rowan Hill 80lb The Alamo 15.08.20
  • Deacon Olley, 78lb, Big Southerly, 08.02.20
  • Rust with Fudgies at 79lb 12oz from Big Southerly 05.10.2019
  • Luke Cornelius, 81lb 12oz, Co's Point, 4.5.19
  • Morten Petersen, 81lb, Bob's Beach, 20.10.18
  • Harry Everitt, 77lb, The Alamo, 5.5.18
  • Jake Taylor, 80lb, The Stink, 7.10.17
  • Gaz Harrison, 79lb 8oz, Co's Point, 2.9.17
  • Sam Jones, 78lb, Co's Point, 19/08/17
  • A very happy Tom Collingwood with Fudgy's at 78lb, 10/08/17
  • Tom Collinwood, 78lb, Co's Point, 10.08.2017
  • Dom Colson, 74lb, Co's Point, 1.7.17
  • Ashley Rich, 82lb, The Alamo, 06.05.17
  • James Hayden, 84lb, The Stink, 18.3.17
  • James Hayden, 84lb, The Stink, March 2017
  • Steve Rocke, 86lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 31.11.16
  • Mark Bryant, 85lb 8oz, Co's Point, 8.10.16
  • Mike, 86lb 8oz, Co's Point, 29.2.16
  • Dan, 74lb 12oz, Co's Point, 20.6.15
  • Mark, 83lb 10oz, The Alamo, 2.5.15
  • Tony, 83lb, Stock Pond, 25.10.14
  • Josh Cook, 71lb 14oz, Co's Point, 14.6.14
  • Peer, 79lb 4oz, The Alamo, 10.5.14
  • Josh Cook, 79lb, Co's Point, 3.5.14
  • Albin, 80lb 4oz, Co's Point, 2.11.13
  • Bob Burrows, 75lb 8oz, Co's Point, 28.9.13
  • Gracie with Fudgy's at 72lb from The Stink in August 2013
  • Tran with "Fudgy's" 68lb Co's July 2013
  • DF, 74lb, Alcatraz, September 2011
  • 76lb, The Beach, April 2013
  • Lars, 77lb 8oz, Oblivion, October 2012
  • 73lb 10oz, Co's Point, March 2011
  • 61lb 10oz, Pole Position, May 2009

Jason Van Der Merwe, 77lb, Alcatraz, 19.12.20

Named after Dave Fuidge, who caught it at 61lbs 10oz in May 2009 which elevated its prominence in the lake. At that time we had no idea that it was going to grow on to such a huge size. It has grown steadily since 2009 and is a the most frequent visitor to the bank of the Gigantica A-Team, usually making 2 - 3 visits per year.


It has been caught from all around the lake inc from Oblivion, Beach, Stink, Co's, Alcatraz, Pole Position and Stock Pond. Nearly always comes to a big bed of bait. It is vulnerable to capture year round, visiting the bank as early in the year as February, and as late as mid November. Is currently the King of the Pond and who knows how big it can get in the future.......only time will tell.