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  • Nude Patch @ 55.12
  • Target @ 66.4

Nude Patch @ 55.12


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Welcome back to the weekly report,

A tough week, the Autumn finally arriving with lovely high pressure sunny days and freezing fog throughout the night and then, at the back end of the week, the first frosts of the year.

The Southend boys were quick too there first choice of swims but, for what ever reason, failed to make the score sheet even though they had fish showing over there areas most nights. Frustrating for the guys who fished well.

Dale & Jay in Alamo, again, fishing well but struggling for bites did convert, and a lovely 28 mirror, there one and only fish of the week unfortunately. Very frustrating for Jay, the last 2 nights the fish were very very active on his spots but just would not slip up.

Finally, Oblivion was left open from the draw, even after I told the guys it produced the majority of the weeks before fish so I went in there, fished 2 rods on a spot Ive been watching and had 3, lost one. A beautiful 39.15 too start then PB common & Mirror. The 'Nude patch' common & the very very impressive 'Target' my number one ambition but probably the hardest fish too catch here so well chuffed.

Well, the cold weathers here and making itself felt. Fish still very very active and obviously eating heavily. Looking forward to the next few weeks when I anticipate some HUGE fish to be caught. Check back next week for the update on how its fishing.

Be safe, be lucky.