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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Welcome back.

The weather is now on the turn and the fishing is finding it hard to adjust. Huge amounts of fish showing at night but very few chances being created. I believe, the summers impressive weed growth is now dying away and the larder of natural food is now more avaiable than ever.

Each peice of weed retrieved, it full of pea mussels and fresh water shrimp, and with there natural enviroment now disappearing, they have become accessible, or more so and the fish are feasting on this seasonal menu.

Fish are being caught, but just not with regularity. Wayne in Oblivion managed to scratch out a 25lb+ common on the ever reliable Cell and even though the fish have stayed in the area, he failed to score.

Right through the week, Karen, fishing in Stock pond fished well, never giving up and was rewarded on the final night with an impressive 36lb common, saving her from a blank and making the rest of use suitably jealous.

Im sure the changing weather and once the natural food is depleted, the fish will settle into there colder water day to day routine. Stringers and Solidz, fished over lighter than average baited areas should maximise your chances of a pick up now. Time will tell.