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Angler Comments

So, although we are officially closed at this precise time, I thought it about time I began what will be, as usual,your weekly report for all things Gigantica, for the coming 40 or so weeks.

Its been an exciting Winter, with several new 50z throughout the colder months. A couple of loses in the New year proving, so long as you baits in the water, your in with a shout.

Im now busy tidying up the lake after what turnt out to be quite a savage cold period, and looking forward to next weeks first party to fish for several weeks.

Fingers crossed, the weather has finally turnt for the better, although I expect the next full moon to be clear and cold, as always is, but for now, with night time tempratures reaching mid-high singles, and day time temps rising now, with a predicted brisk Southerly, to the heady highs of almost 20 degrees, we have been, for a few weeks now, seeing fish showing all around the lake, and in the lea of the wind when the sun is shining.

There has been several fish in the area banked, so next weeks party should, hopefully, bank the first fish of the 2012 season. Im predicting 3 x 80lb+ fish this spring and as the Giant has not been banked since its last late spring capture when it broke the 80+ barrier for the first time, Im expecting to see him grace the banks soon, somewhere around the 84-85lb range !

What with Single last coming out at 78+ and Fudgeys at 76+ I have hopes both of these beautiful fish will also make 80+ this spring.

We saw some huge gains throughout the winter, with fish in the low to mid forty bracket from the summer, coming out in the cold period well into the 50+ range. Impressive enough but when you consider there were 25-40 mid 40+ fish this summer, how many have actually surpassed the magical 50+ barrier ?

Id like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest member of staff, Stevie Cowell. Some of you may already know him as hes been very active on the European scene, with a huge number of equally huge fish from a vast amount of differing types of European venues. Hes obviously a talented angler, a very funny guy and a very welcome member of the team. Steve will be sharing the duties with myself, now we have a new venue.

We have finally persueded Mainline to roll our own tweaked version of the legendary Cell boilie. This tweaked version will be the only bait we will be stocking throughout the year, such is our expectation of this version of the great bait. It is available, as usual in 20mm only, we will have cork balled pop ups for the reliable snowman presentation that proves so successful here.

Along with my weekly report, here on the Gigantica home page, you can join us on FaceBook for almost daily news of worthy captures and news or for those who would like to keep your finger on the pulse here at Gigantica, you can follow me on Twitter @Giganticcarp. Once Stevie is here and in the groove, he will also be tweeting and updating Face book.

Im expecting great things this season, seeing some of our friends here again, the laughs, the lows, the PB's and the wind ups. I look forward to seeing you again.

Be safe, be lucky.