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Angler Comments

After a last minute let down, Free Spirit Tackle arrived to begin filming, hopefully a new DVD they had planned.

Although 14 anglers, all members of Free Spirits formidible team of consultants, were due, as part of the DVD schedule, they would divide into 7 teams of 2, fishing 2 rods each.

Having drawn swims, and as had already agreed, the teams could fish both Gigantica and our new, still being worked on, new venue, the Road lake.

All the teams set up on Gigantica, but Lee Merrit & Rob Marsh, having set up and baiting lightly, decided to move straight onto the Road lake. They had hoped to catch several of the newly stocked fish to build a lead then move onto Gigantica and hopefully catch a decent sized specimen.

Fantastic Spring sunshine looked and felt great, but remember, only 5-6 weeks ago, the lake was totally frozen. The water temps are rising fast but this certainly impacted, at first on the action, or lack of it.

All the guys fished hard, with every concievable method. They fished well but, although frustrating, the fish continually showed over baited areas but failed to make a mistake.

On the Road lake, some serious numbers of fish were being caught, both by myself and my right hand man, Martyn Rosier whos working with me slowly turning this unfished, undeveloped lake into our new fishery.

Rob Marsh had a very hectic night, banking no fewer than 11 one night, to help him and his team member, Lee Merrit into an unattainable lead. They moved back onto Gigantica, to join the other members of Free Spirit in the hope of banking a Gigantica fish and help them further build on there already clear lead weight.

The weather held, and although it looked really up for a few bites, no matter what the guys tried, it wasnt happening.

I think the last several weeks of strong Spring sunshine finally made its impression, as on Friday lunchtime, Pete Castle, fishing in Co's Point, using zigs at range, tied at 15ft and armed with tiny imitation baits, he finally broke the stalemate witha beautiful 29.02lb common.

A great start, short lived unfortunately, when an hour later, he hooked, but lost what was clearly a much bigger fish, which managed to gain sanctury of the tree line snags.

I was gutted. For Pete, and the whole team, as they had fished so well. Though, now Pete had had a bite, and generally, if you find the correct depth to get a bite on zigs, other fish will fall to the method at the same depth.

Nicholas Holzer, Free Spirits new Italian team member also got in on some zig action, taking what turnt out to be the biggest fish of the week in the form of a gorgeous scaly mirror of 29.15lb

No more action unfortunately, even though the whole team continued to fish hard unto the death, just as you would expect from such sensible anglers.

Filming completed, gear away, and prizes given out, it was a shame to see such good anglers leave. It was a fantastic week with some very funny moments, which Im sure your all get too see as and when Free Spirit release the footage. Check out there Website for more information.

The weathers now due to cool of for a week or so, as it always does for the full moon in the Spring, but the summers now so close, and as the water temps continue to rise, it can only get better.

Be safe, be lucky.