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  • Paul and his new zigged PB
  • James and his new PB
  • Fish, the new bailiff's first fish on the job.

Paul and his new zigged PB


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

As some of you may or may not know, we have a new member of staff for the for seeable. Steve 'the Fish' Cowell. A long time angler, who some of you may well have met on your travels abraod as 'Fish' has visited and caught from many of the known circuit waters this side of the channel.

Steve, managed to sneak into Alamo, as it was free after the draw,and banked his first as a bailiff, and luckily, the largest of the week in the form of the impressive 'Smiling fish' at an average 43lb. I wouldve expected slightly better growth but she has been, as records prove, a slow grower but she was in fantastic condition so Im happy. Our new Gigantica Mainline Cell proving its all we expect it too be.

Earlier in the week, and the first fish banked, Paul Watins saw fish over fish area out in front of Alcatraz, and with the knowledge that zigs had produced the week previous, quickly tied up a long nylon hook link of around 18ft, baited with bouyant plastic corn, managed his first Gigantica fish and smashed his PB with an awesomely scaled mirror, a real stunner that fought like a demon.

I say it week in week out, but visiting Gigantica, without zig tackle is a big mistake. They have proven there worth, time and time again and I would certainly make sure you have the correct small hooks, foam for baits along with a decent, fine diameter nylon for the hooklength. I personally use Guru N-Gauge hooklength in 9lb and have found it absolutely perfect for the job here at Gigantica. Coupled with a 12-10 Wide gape and a tiny peice of coloured foam, they can be devastating on the right day.

Mid week, there was a fish lost in the stink when Mark Pritchett hooked a fished that kited on a tight line into a known snag out in front of Pink, which is currently closed for snag removal. No one likes losing fish, but big powerfu fish on long lines are very difficult to control.

James, on Co's managed a new PB, in the form of a 24lb mirror on the new Gigantica Mainline Cell. James fished well, the PB well deserved.

Johnas fishing in the Tree line had a run of bad luck, hooking two fish and losing tham both in the trees, again, fish that had kited on tight lines. There are now lots of fish beginning there summer residence in the tree line snags, a swim some would argue, the best on the lake. Althought quite challenging, there are always numbers of fish in the tree line, particulary, the bigger, prettier fully scaled and linears.

So, the scores on the doors at the end of the week. 3 losses and 3 banked fish, with the smiling fish being the biggest. The weathers improving week on week now so Im ceetain, those bigger fish will soon be putting in an appearance. The predicted SW weather front should go someway to helping, check out the next report to see If im right.

Be safe, be lucky.