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Angler Comments

When Alan banked the first fish, a 24lb mirror out of Alamo on a Saturday night, which in itself is a rare feat, the week was looking promising. A beautiful mirror, nice and scaly caught on a home made boilie and using a combi rig.

The weather changed several times throughout the week as did the wind but unfortunately, the guys suffered several losses.

Each week, fish are lost and Im always asked why. Some of the time, small hooks have had a art too play. Its common in the UK too use small ( 8 - 10 size ) hooks and whilst they may suit your fishing at home, here, with such big fish, and very deep margins were they chuck around using there weight too bully you, a larger hook helps a lot. I never use smaller than a 4 nowdays and very very rarely lose fish.

One fish was lost to a clutch set just too tight, which was clearly an avoidable mistake but in the excitment, it happens.

The other 'losses' seem to be, and this is a generallisation, not talking about last week only. Blunt hooks - fixed leads and poor indication.

Im a total running lead fan and am certain that the lead being able to move away from the fish, stops some of the clear rod top knockings which indicate you rig being turnt over.

We see anglers using the same hook throughout the week. Hooks are so sharp nowdays and with the popular use of the JAG hook sharpening system, there is no excuse for using dull hooks.

Fixed leads and dull hooks, paired with poorly thought out line lay and indicattion impacts even more.

Slack line fishing, whilst sensible where fish are very aware of lines, does not mean yards and yards of limp line just hanging from the rod top. Think what your trying to achieve. Light indicators at half mast are far more efficent than indicators on too slack a line, laid on the floor. Your have very little idea whats happening in your baited area fishing like that.

Fish well, and you will have chances, like Terry in the Stink, caught a mid 20 after fishing very well as did Andy, who had a 33 common from Stock pond but unfortunately, missed a couple of chances.

So, only 3 fished banked but unfortunately, 6 lost. Better weather leading to better catch rates, really starting too look like Spring has sprung and not long now for those big, pre-spawning fish too make an appearance.

Be safe, be lucky.