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  • Christoph with his solid mid 30
  • You can see why we call it the Freak !  53.8lb

Christoph with his solid mid 30


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

A better week last week but the incessant rain still heavily effecting the fishing. Not a total wash out but not far from. We see the fish, they start to move onto baited areas and begin too feed and then the heavy rain arrives and all feeding stops, for generally a day or too as the rain is so heacvy and prolonged.

The times whewn the rain isnt falling, it looks good, and a few fish did make an appearancew during those breif dry periods.

Darren, fishing Cos,on his very first French fishing trip called me late one dry night with a huge fish in the net.Once secured, we waited for favourable light and whilst it was clear it was a fish called the Freak,it proved how much the fish here seemingly hate the rain, as, a dry day saw Darren catch another fish. A mid double which was whipped out and ran across the road too its newhome.

Jakob, one of the Danish anglers fishing, lost what was clearly a very big fish shortly after a slow, powerful bite and breif battle. I was gutted for him. Clearly a big fish. BUT, he got himself together and continued to fish very well. Hitting the range, from Alcatraz, he caught a beautiful scaly mirror shortly after losing the first bite.

A real mixed bunch of anglers this week, which I love, we had Italians, Danish, Dutch, English & German angling and its interesting to see how each Nationality fair through the week.

Christoph, a German angler in the Tree line lost a fast take unfortunately but redeemed himself with a lovely solid looking mid 30. His home made Cell baits proven, yet again, the power of the bait.

Strangely, Christoph's fish, coming during a lighter rain shower. One of very very few fish I know to come out in the rain, proving that youve always got a chance when your actually got hookbaits in the water.

The water is slowly warming throughout all this rainfall,and every day were seeing an improvement and rise in fish activity. The forecasts looking a little better as well. This wet period cant go on, were full to Winter level,which is good but theres warmer,dryer weather coming and all those big fish have yet too make an appearance.

Zigs will come into there own very soon, then beds of boiled  baits will start too haul. Just make sure your tackle is ready for each situation as it happens and dont forget those ultra sharp hooks.

Be safe, be lucky.