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  • The Head 41lbs
  • Thick Wrist 37lbs

The Head 41lbs


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Available Spaces
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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Koen has 3 off of Co's Point to 33lb a nice common.

Danny F has 8 from The Alamo inc a 36 and 37. A 5 day trip for Mr F mainly to dive the lake between BIG SOUTHERLY and THE PINK to remove any snags they find. danny reports 'Danny T and i were amazed at how many snags were present in this area, we removed loads, some huge branches sticking bolt upright from the bottom, others semi buried but covered in zebra mussles. some snags were covered in line and rigs, all of which were removed. We have made this area far more fishable, its no wonder Ting Tong lost so many from here in June, both neighbouring swims will continue to benefit from what snags we couldnt remove and both are now far more fishable. on the fishing front i had a great few days in The Alamo, i learnt alot, mostly that if i had fed more i would have caught more, on the last day i put 2 kilos on their heads after a bite at 5am and had one 10 minutes after, had I rebaitied sooner after each fish i would have caught more. our carp are now addicted to large beds of boilies, too little bait will often go unnoticed!

Jack on work experience had 2 from The Stink

Danny T had 9 from Pole Position inc THE HEAD at 41 and 234 at 41, Indian Spice and Cell at 50 yards again, this swim just keeps producing the 40's close in!