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  • Mikes zig caught 35
  • Tony with his equal PB @ 47.08

Mikes zig caught 35


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

The rains finally slowed, not stopped yet, just slowed and as it stopped, the guys made the most of it.

OAP Tony taking the weeks biggest fish, in the blazing sunshine from Alcatraz. Banking 2,3,4 @ its highest weight of 47.08lb.

Fishing out too the known feature at 100yds, Tony banked the impressive fish late morning, in the blazing sunshine. Lovely.

Graham, who drew Big girls originally, caught a lovely scaly 27lb mirror before changing his mind and making the move to the now empty Pole position.

Don, who was in Pole, made the move into the Tree line and unfortunately lost one but then, finally, banked a lovely 30+mirror.

Mike, in Stinl, havingbeenturnt over a couple of times refined his rigs and altered his baiting, but eventually caught a mid 30 mirror on a zig, fished into dark ! proving theworth of zigging when it looks suitable.

The water temprature is still low, the rain effecting it still, and with all this rain, the lake is now full, too its winter high so theres even more water to warm, when the sun does finally make its appearance.

We have had several rigs coming back twisted up, which Im convinced are carp, sussing the rig then doings its level best to work the hook free. Every time this has happened, a semi fixed lead has been in play. Im a strong advocate of running leads nowday, as I think it gives you far more idea whats happening at your baited rig through properly balanced indicators. Also, having the weight free to move, stops the fish using your weight to help work your hook free if the hook has not penertrated properly.

Ive been saying for a while now, a sharphook, is THE most important part of your set up. Check and check again, before casting out and make sure you use THE sharpest hook possible,  sounds simple but time and time again, I see almost blunt hooks in use.

The sun has finally paid us a visit and the fish have responded but, the weather predicted, looks like more rain due. When will it ever end ? When that sun makes an appearance, those carp will be banked in numbers...................roll on the sun !

Be safe, be lucky.