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  • Martins new PB, The Clown@ 49+

Martins new PB, The Clown@ 49+


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

So the sun finally shone and the fish were quite active whilst the sun warmed the water. The fish has still been slow now that we have the most water weve had for a very long time. The sun will warm the water quite quickly, with obviously, the upper layers warming the quickest, which we have seen, with lots of fish now grouping up in the marginal trees.

As the lower layers begin too warm, more and more fish willbegin to be caught on the bottom, as the fish find those deeper parts more comfortable to be in and feed.

Nick, one of our regulars, jumped in Alcatraz and after changing his set up several times before getting comfortable with his choice of area, then proceeded  to fish very effectively and although only catching one, it broke his duck with a scaly 25+ mirror. Always great too see regulars catch, especially when theyve put in the effort Nick has.

Dutch Martin, On his 3rd trip here,opted to fish Co's point. Having seen fish from here before, Martin knew exactly what he needed tooachieve and did so well, A heaven and hellmoment followed, with Martin smashing his PB by over 30lb when he banked 'The Clown' at 49+ A mega result for Martin and his heaven moment...............then the hell moment. Martin, having hooked another huge fish, brought it too the net,only to have a moment when the fish would not go into net ! After several attempts of struggling, somehow the line broke and the, clearly a much bigger fish, slipped back into the depths.

Several anglers suffered the cunning,with rigs coming back all twisted and after the odd single bleep. Running leads and sensible indication would go a way to allievate this issue, removing the edges what the carp use to work against you.

So although the suns out and its making a difference, a week of rain is now due and if it rains as predicted, we may even flood alittle, the waters so high !

Bring on the sun !

Be safe, be lucky.