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  • Les and his new PB @ 53.12
  • Nick Cole with his stunning 37
  • Jason with Mr Angry at 63lb 3oz from Alcatraz in May 2012

Les and his new PB @ 53.12


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

This last week will be forever now known as 'Potatoegate' now Steve the new bailiff has been found lacking when cooking the roast potatoes !

With the potatoe situation behind us, the fish fed. The sun shone and, as the sun shone, the water warmed quickly and as always, the fish turnt too more sexual thoughts. 

Les Bolland, one of our more regular clients and friend started the week of very nicely with a new 50 for us. One of our less frequent bank visitors 'two time' who was last out 18 months ago, slipped up too Les' lightly baited area at 110 too a snowman hookbait. The fish, its first time over 50+ and a new PB @ 53.12 for Les.

Unfortunately, Les had his next fish come adrift midfight.

Jason,again, a regular and friend, fished similar tactics too Les. Lightbaiting with Mainline boilies and a scattering of pellets, with snowmen hookbaits over the top proving successful when he also banked his new PB, and  a new 60 for us@ 63.06lb. Mr Angry, looked amazing. Jason also added an 28lb mirror, for good meassure.

Nick Cole in Alamo, took an amazing looking mirror of 37lb. Very reconisable, with its scale pattern, this fish is one of a group of fish which will benefit from our destocking programme were currently running.

All fish under 25lb are now being proactively removed and taken across the road too our new lake. This meassure has been in force for several months and will continue for the forseeable. With every smaller fish taken, the available food for the remaining fish will see fish like Nicks 37 finally relise there full potential and push on through the 40+ barrier !

We have 30-50 fish hovvering around the 37-38lb mark, and with the removal of the smaller, sub 25lb fish, we will begin to see a return in a growing average weight.

Not too be out done, and with Potategate behind him, Steve the new bailiff as snared one of those fish, waiting too push through. An amazing, scaly mid 30 from very close quarters fishing from Big girls ! An absolute stunning mirror, which, once our plan comes too fruition, will look even more amazing at over 40+

The bream, of what is left of them, had began there sexual antics as the water temps rose and now, with 20 degrees in 1m & 17 degrees in 7m, Im certain, our fish will begin there merry dance this coming week. Whilst most people worry about not catching during spawning, not all the fish spawn the same time. It also gives us a fantastic opportunity to veiw some of our rarer fish and gauge there growth rates, even though these 'odduns'rarely if ever make an appearance too the bank.

We removed 34 x 20+ mirrors from our stock pond this week as well, along with an amazing 20+ pike and several hundred kilos of roach in anticipation for the big spawn. We will be collecting spawn from Gigantica and relocating it too the now empty stockpond and will attempt too grow on some of the Giants bloodline for our future ! Watch this space on how this work continues.

Please be aware, from July, we will begin a deposit scheme on arrival. ALL anglers will be required to leave a £50 deposit, secured against the equipment used on site. All anglers will recieve a bucket,which can be used as a bin, several bin bags, a Korda carpcare kit and a set of Gigantica scales. On return, in the order issued, anglers will then have there deposit returnt. This scheme also covers the use of our bikes and our boats. This is too be implimented as anglers have been returning equipment, broken, without informing us so the anglers the week after suffer.

As usual, stay safe, be lucky.