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  • Robert with Wodka @ 40
  • Marcin and his new PB, snags linear @ 44lb
  • Robert with his new PB and Discus' 1st time over 60 @ 61lb

Robert with Wodka @ 40


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Amazing long sunny days which led up to the beginning of the spawning period. Lots of big fish grouped up in there annual ritual now the water temps have maintained there daily highs.

Though only 3 fish were banked, there were several losses, line snapping, several hook pulls and the like, so actually not too bad considering the end of the week was dominated by spawny activity.

Marcin, whos a regular here, travelling an amazing 1600km from Poland to fish here, had really thought about his approach after struggling previously. Whilst baiting lightly with Cell,  he fished large pellets as hookbaits and after tweeking his rigs knowing he had been turnt over several times, Marcin banked the Snags linear, obliterating his PB by over 10lbs and a high for the fish @ 44Lb

 Robert, fishing from Oblivion, using his own hand rolled bait in Solidz PVA bags, banked the very impressive Wodka @ 40lb, a stunning fish, one Id dearly love too catch sometime in the future.

Several fish were lost, whilst zigging. Unfortunately, someones hooklink parted and one was lost in weedbut proving, the power and worth of fishing zigs when nothing else looks like itll happen. An amazing method and one, that on its day can be deadly.

After last weeksnew 60, Mr Angry, we'dgiven thought to which of the 50s would push through next. Discu shadnt even been in discussion so when Robert, in Alcatraz banked her at 61lb, I was a little surprised. A few spawning wounds and all in all, she looked very well and certainly looked every bit her first time over 60lb ! A new PB for Robert as well so a massive well done.

The sunshine pushed up the water temps and the fish began grouping up. They attemptedspawning several evenings but never really gotunder way properly. With rain forecast its likely they wont fulfill there ways either. Fingers crossed they getit over and done with as quickly as possible.

Please be aware, from July, we will begin a deposit scheme on arrival. ALL anglers will be required to leave a £50 deposit, secured against the equipment used on site. All anglers will recieve a bucket,which can be used as a bin, several bin bags, a Korda carpcare kit and a set of Gigantica scales. On return, in the order issued, anglers will then have there deposit returnt. This scheme also covers the use of our bikes and our boats. This is too be implimented as anglers have been returning equipment, broken, without informing us so the anglers the week after suffer.

Be safe, be lucky.