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  • Tom with the Nude fish @49.08lb
  • Ben with 'Droptail' @ 72.08lb on a zig
  • Paul with 'Nude patch' @ 53+

Tom with the Nude fish @49.08lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Ive been telling people too bring there zigging tackle for a considerable time now and this week has proved there worth !

A HUGE number of fish caught on the crazy mid water baits, roving, do it right and reap the rewards. Obviously, the weather and water temps have played a large part of this result but the guys fishing, saw an opportunity and really did capilitises on it.

Ringing the changes with the baits and changing depth as and when the conditions changed, allowed them too 'track' the carp where ever they were and helped them amass such high numbers. They really worked the zigs and were thouroughly rewarded.

Ben on Alcatraz and Tom on Co;s took the lions share with 30 fish between them,including 'Droptail' to Ben at a easy PB and an all time high for the fish and her first time over 70 @72.04lb  She was in stunning condition as well. Magnificant.

Tom took a large number of 30z and the amazing 'Nude fish' at 49.08lb, his biggest of the week.

Paul, Bens Dad moved out of the Tree line into the Beach and took the 'Nude Patch Common' @ 53.08lb, another new pb and one of several fish for Paul as he chopped and changed to find the fish in his swim.

Mr. Penning,on a rush visit snared a few off the bottom on a very tightly baited area in Stink. Big 20z and a fish on the zigs as well.

Rowan in Alamo kept his record when he caught the 'long tailed leather' at 40+ Rowans had a 40+ every visit since he first visited us a few years ago. He watched and waited and on the last evening, a shoalof fish moved in front of him and as any good angler does,he quickly rang the changes and had 6 fish in no more than a couple of hours on the zigs, good skillz.

Fish spawning early in the week stopped the lads from smashing through the 50 fish barrier, but that site in itself, watching them up close was amazing in itself. HUGE fish in gin clear water less than 5ft from our hidden position was simply staggering !

An amazing week, and the conditions look good for several weeks with zig opportunities.

Please be aware, from July, we will begin a deposit scheme on arrival. ALL anglers will be required to leave a £50 deposit, secured against the equipment used on site. All anglers will recieve a bucket,which can be used as a bin, several bin bags, a Korda carpcare kit and a set of Gigantica scales. On return, in the order issued, anglers will then have there deposit returnt. This scheme also covers the use of our bikes and our boats. This is too be implimented as anglers have been returning equipment, broken, without informing us so the anglers the week after suffer.

Be safe, be lucky.