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  • 2,3,4  @her all time high of 47lb+
  • Dave with 'Spences' @ 63.12, our newest 60+
  • 'Fish' with another new 60 for us, Chunky @ 66lb !!

2,3,4 @her all time high of 47lb+


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

So, the zigging cull continues !

A great bunch of guys again,who,Im sure were a little dubious when we discussed on arrival that zigs wouldbe there first line of attack this week.

But, zigs kept doing it,almost exclusively, throughout the week.

Chopping and changing depths throughout the day & night, the lads kept on the fish and although they never had the numbers from the week before, they certainly caught a few decent ones!

Dave in Alcatraz absolutely smashed his pb when he banked a fish that has not been seen for 2 years ! Zigs, again fished with foam hookbaits caught out 'Spences' which was last caught at 48lb, now on the scales at an amazing 63.12lb !!! Dave caught several other fish including a stunning 28lb common, again, all on the zigs.

Paul in Beach banked 'the long fish' at an all time high @ 44.08 on the faithful zig, showing just how effective this method can be.

Mark, in Tree line wangled a lovely mid 30 from the tree line on the mid water approach whilst Nick on Cos, managed too snare 4 fish which included a mid 20 and 3 decent 30z.

Dickie,who had originally choosen Big girls saw fish and made the move into Big Southerly and on his very first cast in the new swim with a zig caught the 'Rudder' a new 40lb+ fish for us here. A stunner as well !

'Fish'the bailiff dropped into Stink and tried to find the depth. Once he knew where they were, he adjusted the lenght of his rigs and was rewarded with a double take which included a lovely dark chesnut common of around 25-27lb but the star of the brace was another fish that has long been forgotten about. Another sneaky one who's managed to swerve us for over 2 years !

Clearly,these fish have been gorging themselves on the huge quantities of Mainline Cell used here but seemingly, have managed too evade capture. Proving zigs can trick the weariest of fish. Chunky, last out at 51,now pulled the dial around to a very very impressive 66lb ! unbelieveable.

Awesome skillz 'Fish', right result !

Jason & Ollie in Alamo fished well and Jason was rewarded with 2,3,4 at her all time high of 47lb,on her way to our next new 50 for sure and he also banked the impressive 'Rene's  @ 44lb. Anothersmaller fish topped of Jasons week.

Unfortunately, there were 10 fish lost. So, over 26 bites but 16 banked,proving that you absolutely must, ring the changes and try everything to snare  these wily rig shy fish, with 2 new 60+ fish, proving what is achievable if you try.

Agreat week, awesome bunch of guys, awesome fish banked, we lookforward to seeing you all next year.

Please be aware, from July, we will begin a deposit scheme on arrival. ALL anglers will be required to leave a £50 deposit, secured against the equipment used on site. All anglers will recieve a bucket,which can be used as a bin, several bin bags, a Korda carpcare kit and a set of Gigantica scales. On return, in the order issued, anglers will then have there deposit returnt. This scheme also covers the use of our bikes and our boats. This is too be implimented as anglers have been returning equipment, broken, without informing us so the anglers the week after suffer.

Be safe, be lucky.