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  • Dan & Shoulders, his ne pb t 47lb +on his own hand rolled bat
  • One of Brads stunning mirrors.
  • Dan and his first, short lived pb of 33lb

Dan & Shoulders, his ne pb t 47lb +on his own hand rolled bat


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Some great fishing last week. Somewhat fewer takes but the zig cull cant go on and the results prove that.

Unfortunately, a fair few lost for what ever reason, the weed and zigs being one issue. Not the greatest combination in anyones book.

Zigs did continue to catch were used properly. you really have too work zigs to get the most out of them and some anglers do, some dont. You have to be confident using them as they are a little alien too most.

However, there were chances on bottom baits and the best of those were well thought out by Dan in Big Girls. He has his own, hand rolled version of Cell that hes been perfecting this season and using it too good ends.

2 pbs on the bounce certainly made his evening,one netted perfectly by the big guy at 33lb and the second, although intially snagged in a huge weed bed, a team effort with me in the boat and Dan doing the rest from the bank saw him bank the very impressive 'Shoulders' at an awesome new pb weight of 47lb+

Tyronne and Nathan, both brothers fishing in Oblivion and Alamo both suffered slightly with the weed but finally got too grips with the situation with both banking a few,the biggest for Tyronne @ 36lb mirro and Nathan taking a equally impressive 37lb mirror.

Keith unfortunately lost one but his lovely wife Jane enjoyed the sunshine. As did Tommy, who had several chances on zigs but just couldnt convert them to the bank. Emma enjoyed the sun though. A shame I had too leave mid week as the lads and there ladies enjoyed a lovely social at the end of the week. Hopefully, Ill see them again,out fishing with the boys.

One thing I will mention, Craig in Big Southerly choose too use mixed particles, something I just wouldnot dohere and here caught a lovely bag of bream as a consequence. However, through the week, Craig found a tick on his 'ol boy'. Now if you know nothing of ticks, please, never ever pull the disgusting little insect off. this is the absolute worst thing you can do with ticks. All pharmacies sell tick sticks and all well prepared bailiff-lake owners should be able to advise you and helpin this situation.

Craig,if your reading this,please thoughroughly check the site of the bite and should you find a reddish halo, immediately go too the doctor and explain.

I understood Craig didnt believe the bailiff of the real risk of Lymes disease. This is not a joke and a serious risk. Ticks are everywhere in the countryside, even in the Uk so please be aware.

Markin Co's snared a nice scaly 27lb fish and Brad in Alcatraz managed to bank a 21 & a 25lb common.

Steve the 'fish' managed a couple and both Steve and I managed 6 takes, 3 fish in a night, just fishing one rod each.

Another great week,both fishing wise and socially. The fish have now fully spawned,so it should really begin to fish well now, on both the zigs and the bottom.

Roll on the bigguns !

Please be aware, from July, we will begin a deposit scheme on arrival. ALL anglers will be required to leave a £50 deposit, secured against the equipment used on site. All anglers will recieve a bucket,which can be used as a bin, several bin bags, a Korda carpcare kit and a set of Gigantica scales. On return, in the order issued, anglers will then have there deposit returnt. This scheme also covers the use of our bikes and our boats. This is too be implimented as anglers have been returning equipment, broken, without informing us so the anglers the week after suffer.

Due to the high number of crack offs we have experienced recently, from August the 1st, NO shock leaders with be allowed and a minimum line dia of 0.33mm will be implimented.

Tapered LINE's will be allowed but the lighter section must meet the 0.33mm regulation.

Were sorry we have to bring in new rules, but, without the amazing fish we currently have, we have no business. These two new rules will safe guard our fish for your future pleasure. Please feel free to contact me at anytime to clarify our position on these issues.

Stay safe, be lucky.