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  • Barry in Co's with one of his stunning 30z
  • Another one for Barry

Barry in Co's with one of his stunning 30z


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Confidence is a huge edge in fishing, and going against what you feel comfortable and fish with zigs, if its something youve never done has a huge impact on your confidence.

Last weeks party had very little zig experience but they took it on board and made the most of it, trying hard.

The fact the fish are slowly wising up to the zig frenzy, that also impacted on the weeks final tally.

My good friend Phil, in Alcatraz, tried to buck the zigging trend by fishing all out with bottom baits. His logic,that no real bait has been introduce for several weeks was a well thought out plan but was not too be. The fish just never really moved in front of him to prove his theory right or wrong.

Neil in the beach adapted to the zig and managed 2 fish and a lose. While Henry in the tree line did manage a bite on the bottom, fishing the ever consistent Mainline Cell he banked a stunning 38lb+ fish, the biggest of the week, he also lost 2 unfortunately. Photos too follow.

Barry in Co's adapted too the zigging well, he had a couple of chances but by the end of the weekhe had it sussed and although he had lost a fish, he did manage to bank 3 fish, a 20 and 2 x 30z. He just ran out of time to amass a bigger hit.

The bottom baits have been slow but that wont last forever but in the meantime, you must master the zig to give yourself the best possible chances of numbers of fish. Thats the mark of a decent angler, being able to adapt to each given circumstance and master the situation.

Zigging is far more technical than just wanging out a bit of foam mid water. Chasing the fish through the depths too find there comfort zones, changing colours options and constantly recasting is hard work but if you can catch them zigging AND get chances on bottom baits then a great weeks fishing can be had.

A great bunch of lads last week, funny nice guys, We look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Brandon in Pole, tried literally everything tosnare a fish throughout the week but it just wouldnt happen forhim, and on leaving,Fish the bailiff wanged em out and nicked a fish within 10 minutes of casting. Having confidence in that tiny peice of foam in mid water can certainly help !

As Ive been saying, bring your zigging gear but the balance will tip this week - next week and fish will begin to be caught steadily on the bottom so be prepared.

Be safe, be lucky.