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  • Greg, the big whitehunter and his first fish. 40lb !
  • Stevie G & Roberts,his new PB of 52lb+

Greg, the big whitehunter and his first fish. 40lb !


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

A great week,in both captures and company. The lads have been here beforesoknew exactly what they needed too do too catch a few.

They didnt expect to be fishing zigs though but adapted very quickly and as a consequence,caught well.

All but one of the group had bites and only Greg unfortunately didnt convert those bites to fish landed.

We did see the zigging trend buckle a littlethis week with fish now starting to be caught on the bottom over bait but generally, most were caught on zigs at varying depths.

This week we were also impressed with 'Bill's Olympic' standard display in Kettle throughing, rod Javelining and my personal favorite, Hulk style T shirt ripping,for which Bill wins Gold !

Brothers,Bill & Steve caught the lions share and the biggest. Bill catching the most but unfortunately,he just could not break into the 40z. With several upper 30z as part of his haul. Steve, not too be out done in Alamo, caught the biggest of the week in the form of Roberts fish spawned out at 52.08, Steves new PB and he also caught the '43' again, spawned out @ 47.08

Steve fished really well,baiting an area throughout the day but not fishing it,opting for zigs in the day to maximise his chances,then fishing bottom baits through the night over his choosen baited area and scoring well !

Chris in 'Beach' ,he hadnt really fished zigs before but he kept at it, the numbers of surface fish in front of him spurring him on, but he kept adjusting his hookbaits and the depths of his zigs and he fianlly found them, caught, then built on each capture. By the end of the week, Chris had caught 6 fish ! impressive angling for someone who hadnt fished zigs before.

Greg in 'Co's' was on em from the start, his first fish, an impressive 40lb common ! then it slowed down slightly but he did manage a couple more but unfortunately didnt continue to reap the rewards,

Steve in Stink nicked a 20 on the zigs, with Craig in Oblivion hooking but failing to land them due too weed problems.

So, another great week, 28 fish landed by the end, a great bunch of lads who know how too enjoy themselves, looking forward to seeing them next year.

There is some considerably weed in several of the swims now. Some of you hate the stuff, some, like me, love the stuff. What ever your out look too weed, you can not ignore it and have to step up your tackle a little too cope. We will be implimenting, from the end of this month a minimum line Dia rule. Mainlines will have to be 0.33mm or heavier. 0.33 includes lines like Kontour Flurocarbon and Subline in 12lb which we know breaks at a heavier breaking strain anyway. However, be aware that you will be fishing in or near substantial weed and act accordingly with regards to what lines you choose before visiting Gigantica.

This 0.33mm line minimum clearly rules out braided mainlines and light line /shockleader set ups. If you still choose too fish at range, knowing there is considerably weed in front of you, we are allowing tapered mainlines but the actual mainline must meet the 0.33mm minimum.

Shockleaders are now banned as well. This safe guards our stock from the numerous and un-nescary crack offs weve seen a rise in this year.

Please be aware, from August, we will begin too impliment a deposit scheme each week. £50 will be required at the start of each week to secure all the equipment we issue to each and every client.

Be safe, be lucky.