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  • Magnificant. Spring Scaly @ 55.12
  • Phil with Two time
  • Nick, 44lb common

Magnificant. Spring Scaly @ 55.12


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Another decent week with fish really feeding well on bottom baits now.

What a week Karl Dodd had,breaking his PB 5 times on the bounce ! Fishing with Premier baits in Stink, Karl baited steadily with heavy amounts of bait and fished well. Starting with a mid twenty common to get the ball rolling, he went on to catch 2 x 20z, 3 x 30z to 38+ and topped this incredible week off with his new high, a 41.09lb mirror ! Unbelieveable week for Karl !

Phil Gibson, fishing in Oblivion he had an early start but continued throughout the week, banking 5 fish. topped with 2 x 40z to 46+ and the impressive 'two time' @ 53lb

Mark, who started in Stock pond, saw fish and moved onto them and managed a mid twenty common, a result in tough circumstances.

Fish, the bailiff managed to nab a couple as well, from Big southerly taking a lovely 38 and the magnificant 'Bearded Lady' her first time over 50lb as well !

Nick & Craig, tried something a little different and used Vitalin, knowing it catches well for them at home, they hoped it would work here but unfortnately, didint. They fished well though, just a small mistake in bait choice stopping them catching.

Nick& Dan in Alamo also got in on the action. Nick taking several great fish topped by a new PB common of 44lb, one of a hand full of 40+ commons in recent weeks with Nicks a particularly nice specimen.

Dan, on his last trip hang it out until the end to nab a few and this week was the same, Friday night taking a very special fish, the stunning 'Spring scaly' @ a huge 55.12 Not many prettier fish Im sure your agree !

Hopefully, were see several weeks like this in coming weeks, loads of fish and loads of PBs.

Be safe, be lucky.