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  • Nick & the 'Freak'
  • Lee and his long common
  • Craig with 'Giggler'

Nick & the 'Freak'


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

The Vale bait boys returned this week.

The last time they visited, Daves bait really got our fish going and this week was too be no different. Great bait is great bait !

The week started really well then ridiculously high day time temps at the end of the week slowed the result dramatacially, unfortunately.

However, Nick in Alamo started well with the very impressive ' Freak' @ 53+ a truly stunning fish. Nick added a smaller fish in the week.

Steve in Alcatraz, fishing the plateau managed 3 fish topped by 39+

Dave even managed too get his rods in and promptly banked a fish. Im sure if Dave actually fished hard throughout the week, he'd amass quite a tally but he hardly has his rods out !

Craig in the Beach banked 'the Giggler'@ 47.08lb one of our up and coming fish. I predict big things for this fish, has the frame too grow !

Steve in Oblivion, lost a couple due to weed but then got too grips with everything and banked a 28+common.

Ade, fishing Big Southerly, kept an eye on Scotties and when the time was right made the move and banked a solid looking 30+ mirror. Good skillz there.

Last but not least, was Lee in Stink. A great swim but difficult to work out at times with numbers of fish travelling through but his Trigga - LPX combo managed to snare a stunningly long 41.08lb common. A good result ground out of a difficult week in Stink.

The super high temps from mid week were due toobreak with a nice little low moving in on Friday night giving the guys hope of some action...................but, that nice little low was a super powerful weather front which, locally, destroyed many a tree giving the lads some action..........not from fish but desperately hanging on for dear life which totally ruined any chance of a last gasp fish or three !

A great week though, as usual socially. great lads who I look forward too seeing again.

Be safe, be lucky,