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  • Nick with Northern Scaly @ 50lb
  • Tom with Starburst @ 42lb
  • Fish with Roberts @ 55lb

Nick with Northern Scaly @ 50lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

First fish of the week fell too Al, this week, who had travelled all the way from China to fish ! Fishing Oblivion with his Brother Dan, he banked a lovely scaly 27lb + mirror. A mix of Cell n New grange making its mark.

Thram in Cos,  from Belguim, used similar tactics and also banked a upper 20lb mirror.

Fish the Bailiff, sneeked into 'stink' and got straight into the action with a 20 & a 30 mirror, both on the incredible New Grange.

We willnow only be stocking this brilliant bait, as over the last few weeks - months, its been out fishing Cell, so its time to make the jump, finally. Im certain itll have the same devastating record as Cell, great baits great bait. Simples.

We generally advocate staying in your swim and working your areas. 99% of the time it works, and works well.

But, Nick, originally in the 'Tree line' made the move into Big Southerly and reaped the rewards.

After a slow start too the week, Nick bagged the VERY impressive Northern Scaly and an incredible 50lb, its first time over 50 !

Not content with that, he also had a lovely 38lb fish. Tom, popped round to help with the photos and another run saw Tom forced to take control, and he promptly landed 'Star burst'@ 42lb+ a PB for Tom along with Nicks new PB with Northern scaly !

At the same time, Steve the fish, was also making his mark on the week. A brace of 50z ! He banked, Bearded lady AGAIN, slightly up in weight at 51.08lb along with Roberts fish at 55lb ! he also added a great looking 38lb mirror.

Nick also snared an impressive 38lb fish the next morning as well, as did Fish, banking a 29 and a 42lb mirror. The mirror being 'the Snags linear' looking very impressive after the recent spawning activities.

Several of the lads had runs which did not convert too banked fish unfortunately, so the week ended with 13 fish, 3 of which were 50+

Cant be long until some of the A team make an appearance, just how big the Giant will be is a guess but as soon as hes in the net, your be the first too know !

Be safe, be lucky.