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  • Steve with 'Pips'@53.08lb

Steve with 'Pips'@53.08lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

A strange week with fish showing well in areas, but not being caught. Feeding over baited areas but just not strong enough too slip up it would seem.

Kyle in Pole had fish over him very strong early in the week  but he eventually got too grips with them and nabbed a couple. Slightly tougher than he thought it would be ? But you cant keep a good guy down and catch em he did.

James, out on Alcatraz had a succession of morning bites, 09:30 on the dot with fish most days, weirdly, nothing huge, mainly 20z & 30z. Productive never the less.

Ayden snared a stunning mid 30 common from the Beach, his only fish but a stunner.

Steve in Co's got too grips with them from the off, catching 4 fish, the biggest of the week in the form of 'Pips' slightly down, now spawned out @ 53.08lb. Quite a difficult fish, Pips, too catch. Imhoping forbig things with this fish, as she has a considerable frame on her. One too watch out for.

For the rest of the guys, it was a blank for the week, tough fishing, watch other anglers catching, whilst all generally fishing the same method but the fish here are very testing and you have to be on top of your game to succeed.

Week in week out, with a full compliment of 10 guys fishing for them, the fish are under immense pressure and you have to do everything right too be successful here. Nicking a fish here and there is managable for most but multiple captures, thats something harder, and many simply dont manage it, even with fish in front of them.

Some would say its a difficult lake, but surely thats part of the excitment and draw too fish here ? We see what works and what doesnt,each and every week, yet very few anglers ask us for our opinion of what is likely too happen during there week ? Were here to help,please dont forget that, we want you too catch so ask us.

Im looking forward to the first clients for our new lake, the Road lake next week. A recent nights fishing proved exciting with a mulitple catch through the one night we fished. With fish everywhere, location was simple, and the fishing frantic, too frantic for the busy day ahead so, a flurry of action saw us reel the rods in for the night so we could get some sleep but showing fish over the area made sleeping difficult. Its shaping up too be a very prolific water and Ill keep you all informed of just how many fish our first client will catch after a full weeks fishing next week.

Until then, be safe, be lucky.