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  • Lee & the 'Target' @ 64lb
  • Kevin with 'Rigadon' @ 54+
  • Gerry with ' Giggler' @ 50.04

Lee & the 'Target' @ 64lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

An awesome weeks angling, led by a huge change in the weather and the influence of a full moon. Daytime temps dropped by over 35 degrees which really helped, a change in wind also playing its part and some good angling to make it happen.

George & Deena fish together in Alcatraz and George bagged the best areas leaving Deena to whatever was left, or she wouldve out fished him for sure lol.

George did manage to bank a stunning little leather of 27+ and also banked the 'Nude fish' @ 44lb and 'Shoulders' @ 48lb ! custom rolled fishmeals doing it for George.

Peter, in the Beach lost 2 unfortunately. it should be noted, both bites came after the application of bait. When no bait was introduced, no bites were forth coming !

Its a common misconception that all the fishing here is carried out at range. 99% of the fishing is under 70m and to be honest, this season, under 50m ! I very rarely fish more than 50m in any of the swims.

Lee, in Co's had been given the same information and was fishing a very long way out......and blanking. A quick discussion saw him bring his baited area back to a known area at 70m and he immediately started to catch. His first fish, the 'Bearded lady' was not only a new PB but his first 50 @ 50.04lb. He went on too add some incredible fish, his next the stunning Alcatraz that hasnt been banked for 3.5 yrs !!!

With the full moon looming large, Lee went on a roll taking several fish topped by another PB in the shape of one of my fav's, the impressive 'Target' @ 64lb !

Mainlines Cell & New Grange mixed together and applied liberally to the area. doing the damage, as usual !

Barry in Big Southerly, having caught from Pole, then moved, caught the 'Apache' @ 32.08lb New Grange proving it really is the bait of choice now here !Kevin in Stink had fish all over him for the first 48hrs without a bite. He knew there was a problem and discussed what had happened with the team. On checking, through no fault of his own, he was just off the spot. Once rectified, his first night saw him bank @ 52.04lb, a new PB then, the next night, after giving them some bait, banked the 'Rigadon' @ 54.08lb again, a new PB and showing just how precise you have to be sometimes to get bites here.

Gerry, fishing on a triphis Wife had paid for for his 50th birthday got off too an absolute flyer, taking 3 x 50z on the bounce ! yep, his first 3 fish all being over 50+

First up, 'Bottom lobe' @ 50.04lb, then 'Giggler' @ 53lb followed by 'Ziggy Stardust' @52,08lb.

With liberal amounts of Mainline Cell & New Grange, he also banked a 40, 2 x 30z and a upper 20 to his finaltally. An awesome weeks fishing by anyones standard. Happy birthday Gerry.

As you can see, our change from the Incredible Cell to the more amazing New Grange has paid off. It really is the bait of choice now.


I'll be adding a report each week now for captures on our new lake, the Road lake, as and when anglers have fished. The diary is restricted this season but there are and have been some anglers visiting. I wont add any picture of the fish caught as we are limited each week to space but we are working on a new site which will be launched, I hope, very soon and allow me to show you just some of the absolutely amazing fish being caught from there.

Our first angler, Jurgen from Germany broke thelakes virginity 2 weeks ago when he HAULED. He actually lost a few along the way but banked an incredible 50 fish !

Using a new bait on test from Nash Baits, he caught steadily throughout the week to amass the terrific haul. With 10 over 30lbs topped by a terrific 32.08lb common, you have too admit, thats a great weeks fishing !

Last week saw brothers Terry & Brett, bank 32 fish between them. Having suffered a slow start, once they worked out there baitapplication,the fish came on strong and steady, Terry taking the biggest, a 30+ common. Beds of mixed particle and pellet, with PVA bags of pellet over the top proving very successful at the end of the week.

The stocked fish, from an amazing source are already growing and will continue too,making this an incredible water in years too come AND were adding another 500 fish this winter just too make sure.

Contact the booking hotline if you want to experience this amazing new lake. 01268 820440

I'll also add, each week, emails or quotes from our on site Customer comment book. Barry from the South West sent me the foillowing:

"Hi Dan, Barry here mate, just wanted to say thanks again to you and fish for a great week, really enjoyed it, the food was superb and you and fish are total legends.
ill be back same time next year, more prepared and fired up and with a little help from you and fish ill bag one or two of the big boys.
Cheers mate "

Be safe, be lucky,