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  • Jamie with PIPS @ 55.12

Jamie with PIPS @ 55.12


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Each year, we, as all lakes have repeat bookings. Its nice, you know the guys coming and you know your gonna have a fun week and as there capable anglers, there be a few fish caught along the way.

Been looking forward for last weeks group to arrive, all good guys who know how too catch em. And they didnt disappoint.

Crippsy in Oblivion had a blinder, fishing a channel in the weed he managed 8 fish, Split pec the biggest @60lb, backed up with Sparky @ 56lb plus 3 x 40z+ and 3 absolutely stunning upper 30z, including the chees and equalled. impressive looking fish.

Jamie next doorin Alamo, again, fishing too the weed, banked 5, topped with a 54.08 & 55.08 mirrors, Ziggy Stardust & Pips. Good angling.

Next swim along, Stink, fished by Chris produced 3 fish, the biggest for Chris that week, I was very surprised he didnt catch bigger fish but he did angle well in the weed.

Next angler to catch, Jono fished hard allweek and constantly had fish over his areas,never one to give up, Jono had a small mirror on Friday night but lost a very decent fish unfortunately, proving though, never give up and keep on your areas, will always come good in the end.

Fish the bailiff, dropped in the most un-fancied swim on the lake and promptly caught 4, a 30, a 40 mirror and 48 common brace, then the impressively large framed Brutus at 56lb.

Star of the week though had too be Cliff in Pole. With a very low PB of just 12lb, and Im sure Cliff would agree, little experience of large,difficult lakes. He fished hard all week, trying every thing as well as drinking 108 cups of tea throughout the week. He did catch a fish,blasting his PB by 20lb, banking a 32lb mirror ! Major result for Cliff, well done.

Beds of Mainlines New Grange ( surprisingly ) catching most of the fish. They are loving Grange,even more than they did with Cell. Jamie had his brace of 50z on I.D. baits from Kent proving you can catch on other quality baits.

I even did a few nights, which is rare, but did sneak out a 25+ mirror and a stunning fish called the Survivor at low 50s, again, Mainline baits doing it for me as usual.

Another great week, the fish are really troughing now, in fact the whole lake has been coloured for more than a couple of weeks through feeding activity, compared too several weeks ago when you could see the bottom in 18ft+

Bed of boilies fished close to big weed beds doing the major damage. Its all about bait application and super sharp hooks !


3 Anglers again this week,fishing tea party 1&2 and sunsets. Total of 57 fish.

Ben & beautiful Hannah in Sunset had 8 fish, but lost a few due too technical issues but got the better of them by the end of the week with a few tweaks.

Julian & Jason in both Tea party swims had the lion share taking 49 between them. Some decent grassies and both Mirrors and Commons of almost 35lb, showing these new fish are growing VERY well. A variety of baits and baiting situation catching throughout the week. In fact, Julian reeled in one night, the action proving too much.

It can be quite hectic some nights on there,but stunning fish coming constantly through the week,makes for decent action for most.

Lots of 30+ fish now coming out and in the next few weeks were see the average number of 30z rise as they stack on there winter weight.