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  • Clarkey with Two time @ 50.08lb
  • Damian with the '43' @ 53lb

Clarkey with Two time @ 50.08lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Another fantastic week here at Gigantica. Though a slowish start, the week progressed as predicted and we caught a few more than I thought would be out.

Shaun McSpadden took 4 fish, from Pole position, the biggest being a 41lb common. Fox end tackle and a mixture of Mainline Cell and New Grange working well.

Clarky, the pest controller, managed another good weeks fishing taking several nice fish topped by a brace of 41 mirrors & the bull nosed common ( the same both sides ) @ 42lb and the well proportioned 'Two Time' @ 50.08lb Fishing too the right hand side of the plateau at 110yds, New grange again !

Next, my best friends, Dave & Karen Waker. Another last out the bag draw had Dave taking Baxters Hole. Not sure of the swim, Dave fished well with a slightly different approach, at short range and after a long slow beginning, ended up with 5 fish. The stunning big leather and one of the best, Fred !  48.08 and 47.08 respectively.

Bob & Barry, in Beach & Tree struggled all week. Bob losing a couple of chances unfortunately, the fish just not in the swims until Friday night when all seemed lost.

In Co's Gazza Wade moved his rods too where the fish had shown. A mid 20 followed by a 40+ mirror then the icing on the cake with the VERY impressive Twin. Having last been out 2 years ago at 53, it was a couple of pound bigger than Id hoped,not that Im complaining,nor Gazza. At 67.08lb a new PB and Gaz totally blown away !

Dave in Big Southerly suffered all week, with fish over his areas all week, we were both very surprised he never caught.

Mikey Edgeworth, in the Stink, finally got intothe groovebut,lady luck was against him when his only bite of the week, and having got the fish through the weed for it only to come off just before netting !

Bullet in Alamo also losing a fish on the last night.

Damian in Oblivion nabbed a few as he does, topped by 2 c's @ 42 & Bottom lobe @ 48lb and the '43' @ 53. Korda tackle and Mainline baits again, surprisingly.

Fish the bailliff fished in big girls and had 4, a low30, an upper 30, the snags linear at mid 40 and the mighty cluster @ 58+ Mainline doing itfor him !

The fish are now grouped up and feeding well,as they have been for severalweeks. This is the time for there annualbig pre-winter feed and there troughing. Fishing 24/7 and not reeling in orworst still, resting the swim will catch you fish. Sensible rebaiting as well. reeling in to rebait in the mornings ?  madness, sit on your hands through the feeding times and reap the benefits.


3 Anglers, only fishing 4 nights. Slow fishing over baited areas, small PVA traps and stringer cast too showing fish scoring this week. If the fish are not in front of you, moving quickly, with the bare minimum, just a couple of rods and a net has proved very productive, Simon Chandoo taking 5 fish in a hour after a quick move. The final tally for the week, 25 fish, the biggest, a 27lb mirror.

Be lucky, stay safe.