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  • Bob with Single Scale @ 67.12lb

Bob with Single Scale @ 67.12lb


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Another fantastic week. The Lucky Londoners, Bob, Baz & Gaz having, as usual, a fabulous week as they always do.......a big contrast to Bob & Barry's previous week.

Barry moved for his second week from the tree line into Stock pond, a wise move that proved itself with 8 fish for Barry, including a couple of 30s, the Patched fully scaled at 44.12 and topped by Two Time @ 54.08lb. A great move, decent angling and heavy baiting making the Rigger man's second week far more pleasurable.

Neil Spoons in Pole, next to Barry also caught, not the numbers but a new PB in the shape of one of my favorites, the Freak @ 53.12 and a stunning common @ 45. Mainline New Grange working for Neil, with Goo hook baits.

Gary in Alcatraz suffered a couple of early loses then got his lucky shorts on and banked a few. The biggest being Quasimodo @ 38lb and the very impressive Mr.Angry at a new PB weight for Gary @ 63.14lb!

Chris in Baxters had a long slow week, but a move at the end of the week into the Beach saw him bank 2 fish, late doors. A 30 and the stunning Mr.Chow @ 42lb. Amazingly, its 2nd capture this week on Tails up OCM.

Blenny in Cos, was unfortunately, the only 'blanker' karma for driving on the grass and giving Fish beer!

Rob in Big Southerly lost a fish but banked Mr.Chow on its first capture of the week at 43.14lb OCM again.

Big Colin in Stink struggled. Not through fault of his own, just they weren’t there in numbers until the last morning when he nabbed a 29lb mirror to save a blank. Huggy in Alamo, did a little better, taking a 20, a mid 30 and a the lovely, against all odds common Mia (Teacup Maltese)

Dan in Oblivion only had one but what a fish. Pips @ 55.04lb New Grange again!

Bob, having come out last for the second time in two weeks, stayed in the Beach to begin with but moved into Big Girls on the Wednesday. One bite was all it took. Single Scale @ 67.12lb !! An amazing fish, caught from an amazing little spot that has produced an amazing amount of big fish now!. A new PB for Bob, stunning photo's as well. Shame he's Millwall !

An amazing, hilarious week as usual when this lot are on site. A fantastic bunch, cant wait for them all too return.

Be safe, be lucky.