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  • Pete with his Sat morning 40+

Pete with his Sat morning 40+


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Angler Comments

After such fantastic weather conditions of late, the arrival of a wet and cold weather from from the North has played its part in changing the fishing here last week. Its a well known fact here, that text book conditions of low pressures , rain and overcast conditions arn't really text book conditions here at Gigantica. They prefer high pressure and sun, the more the better, so, with the weather turning text book, the catch rate was bound to suffer.

And it did. The first half of the week was very slow and as more rain fell, it began to effect the water temprature. Not only did it effect the fishing, no one likes too be trapped in the bivvy with the door down sheltering from the elements. The weather broke mid week and as the sun worked its magic, the fishing improved.

Nick, in 'Pole' had an early fish, a low 20 but the fish pushed away from him afterwards and never really came back over his area. As a regular, it was great to see him, his lovely wife Nicky and there two mash potatoe eating dogs.

Peter in Alcatraz fished solidly all week and did manage to catch a few, off the plateau at range. A few 30+ fish topped off on Friday night with a 40+ mirror. Hand rolled Cell doing it for Peter.

Andy in 'Tree line' banked 3 fish, a 20, a 30 and the '43' @ a new PB of 53.08lb New Grange too the more open water in that swim doing the damage. The biggest fish of the week as well.

Norman in 'Co's, Les and his lovely wife Anne in 'Big Southerly', Mark in 'Stink' & the pair of Lar's & Thorsten in Alamo allfalling foul of the early weeks heavy rain and huge winds. Conditions Gigantica carphate. The guys fished well, allof them but the conditions had made its mark and pushed the fish off the road bank.

Clearly, some of the fish had moved into the slightly more sheltered water off thepoint and into 'Big Girls'

Steve the fish, fished Oblivion and fished the patrol route too the calmer water and banked a few, topped by the very impressive 'Wodka' @ 42lb. Mainline baits scoring as always for Steve.

So a tough week here, and in the area generally after such heavy duty weather at the start, which at the later end of the week we recovered from slightly, with 4 fish coming fri night /  Sat morning.

Theres still plenty of fish too come, although the nights are drawing in and the water temptratures slowly dropping, having dived the lake this week as well on change over, the bottom temprature being 17 degrees and the areas fished last week, totally cleaned of bait,proving there certainly eating it,with gusto.

We dived Steve the fishes spot. He had introduced 38kg throughout the week, taking a fish Friday night and having introduced bait early Saturday morning, we dived his area, dropping directly down on his marker and found just 3 boilies in the area. Sharp hooks and perfect indication needed as there eating everything and getting away with it time and time again. No wonder they grow so big, so quickly on such a diet.