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  • Wayne, with his biggest of the week.

Wayne, with his biggest of the week.


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

The weathers closing in now, a little earlier than previous years it seems. The water temps are dropping but still warm enough for fish too feed confidently.

We had some filming for the New Korda free DVD carried out this week. So the lake was very busy. We also dived the lake several times, which was interesting, too say the least.

Dutch Anthony, in Stink broke his duck with a very nice, scaly mid 30. His first Gigantica carp. He fished very well too a known area thats quite hard to fish and was rewarded.

Brothers, Steve & Chris in Alamo fished very hard, adapting there approach to suit and as a team effort, banked a upper 20 mirror. Well done lads !

Regular, Wayne in Oblivion fished exceptionally well, taking 4 fish making him joint top rod. Some good effort from Wayne saw him continually pushing himself to make sure he was on the areas and it paid off. His best week so far with 4 lovely fish too mid 30 being the biggest.

Ali Hamidi also caught 4 fish, the biggest being an upper 30 mirror, all of Ali's fish caught on heavily treated goo hookbaits over beds of Mainlines awesome New Grange.

Steve 'the fish' caught from tree line and the second half of the week from Big girls, Mainline baits as usual, the biggest a low 30 common.

I even got the rods out for a few nights and managed to snare a couple. Mainline again, as if you didnt already guess.

On the diving front, we dived an area that had had 38kg of boilie introduced over the week, and had produced 4 fish. The night previous too us entering the water, a fish had been caught and severalmore kilos of bait introduced too the area.

With an air temprature of 16 degrees, and a bottom temprature of 18 degrees at 6.8m deep we followed the clipped up marker float down too the baited area. After several sweeps of the spot, we found.........3 boilies !!

There getting away with it time and time again. Its SO important to have the sharpest hooks, really well thought out lead systems and, this sounds silly, indication thats actually telling you whats happening out over your area.

Its imperative as well, to get your hookbaits onto your baited area and on presentable areas. Hitting your line clip and feeling that lead down is everything. No drop on the lead, reel it in and do it again until your getting that drop. get the drop, youv'e raised your chances expotentially. Without a drop, theres very likely, no chance of a bite.

Myself and Steve the fish are here to help. We want you too catch and we keep no secrets, speak too us because were there to help, help you in any area of your fishing.

See you on arrival !

be safe, be lucky.