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  • Steve with Galaxy, back from the dead @ 68+
  • Mick with the impressive Cluster @ 62,05lb
  • Angus with Black eye @ 48+

Steve with Galaxy, back from the dead @ 68+


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

The colder water temperatures are now really making themselves felt and as a consequence, the fishing is starting to slow. Weight's are up though and there are still big fish being caught, and bigger to come for sure.

This weeks anglers, all friends from a syndicate in the UK. Several ideas on how to tackle the lake, several differing baits.

The most successful angler, of the week, Mick, fishing in the Beach used the little and often approach, resting the swim in the days and fishing accurately to lightly baited areas, using a A.B.S. supplied bait.

Mick's approach clearly worked well as he started the week off with one off the missing list, a mirror called 'the Sargent' Last out several years ago, then a low 30, now Micks new PB at 45lb+ A real nice fish, one I’d like to catch for sure!
Mick kept with the baiting strategy and absolutely smashed his PB when he banked the impressive 'Cluster' @ an amazing 62.05lb!!

Mick added a smaller fish to finish with. He read the swim well and baited it perfectly and was rewarded. What a fish as well! Cluster’s been on a big trough, adding 6lb in as many weeks. The falling water temps obviously spurring them on
Angus, fishing in Co's, would agree I’m sure that it was a tough week for him, especially when he had fish over him for several of the nights. It’s so frustrating when there clearly over you but the indicators are motionless. Angus, knew there was an issue and developed his end tackle throughout the course of the week, tweaking the rigs until he got it right, on the last night.

After a little confusion, where he thought a linear was actually some other big mirror???? We weighed and photo'd the very impressive Black eye at 48.12lb a new PB for Angus.
A.B.S. Plan B working for him, size 2 Kurv B’s and running leads tricking the old linear.

Unfortunately, one of the group couldn’t make the week so there was an area of the lake that was free of lines. This has proven to be an issue in the past so the lads didn’t mind Steve fishing, to help stop the problem happening. Steve had several fish, topped by his new PB and a very nice surprise for me as it was a fish I had presumed had died earlier in the year. The Galaxy looked amazing at 68+ !!!

Interestingly, after Ali Hamidi's visit, he had supplied Steve with a selection of his GOO coated baits. As skeptical as we both were, Steve gave them a fair run and they have proved devastating.

Steve is now, unsurprisingly, a GOO fan... I may even try them there that good.