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  • The lads enjoying their time on the main lake...

The lads enjoying their time on the main lake...


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

A lake exclusive booking, for the owner this week. Very hard, cold rain early in the week pushing the water temps down 3-4 degrees quickly really affecting the fish.

Strangely, a huge amount of fish showing throughout the nights, especially at the end of the week but with very little indication!?!

Quite what happened throughout the week, I’m not sure as the fish were unbelievably active. The only explanation I can come up with could be that as the weed is now dying away, perhaps the fish have been taking advantage of the exposed natural food, once hidden within the weed but now available ?

Several fish were caught. The largest, the 'Clown' @ 53,08lb taken as a brace with a low 20 mirror on our standard 3 x 20mm hook-bait rig.

Young Tom Dove caught a 29lb mirror from the Beach after a rig tweak. Nial the Dweller took a stunning 35 common from the tree line. He had several chances for squirrels as well... good casting mate.

DF, managed a 29 mirror and one lost unfortunately, as did our friend the Apache. No scalp for him as he lost it at the net.

The fish caught a 35 common from Big girls, weirdly, caught the same night and time as Toms common, the new moon phase playing its part?

Mainlines New Grange taking the fish. Perhaps we should have tried zigs through the night. Tom tried them through the day but without success. 

The strange amount of fish showing over the area, just confusing. Hopefully, they will get their heads down for the final weeks of the season. I’ll keep you informed.

Be safe, be lucky.