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  • Nickolia from Denmark with his new pb, the little leather.

Nickolia from Denmark with his new pb, the little leather.


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

The weather conditions are now all important. As water temperatures drop, and the sun sets lower on the horizon, each and every day becomes that little bit more difficult.
This weeks anglers are old friends, having visited several times. Making the journey from Denmark, the Sport Dres orginised trip is an annual event.

Last year saw several of our bigger fish banked and we were all hoping the same would happen again this year.
Despite their best efforts, and a change in the weather prevailing weather system, Michael lost one in Stink after a brief connection.

Steve the Fish, did manage to snare one as he does, in what is a very rare event here, a bite in a torrential downpour. Heavy rain is usually, an indicator of a blank night here at Gigantica so when his buzzer screamed, Steve actual thought it was a wind up.

A tough battle in very heavy rain saw him get the better of an old friend, 2.3.4. A stunning mirror of mid to upper 40lb. As we have both caught this lovely old fish before, several times, we unhooked her in the water and simply released her. It’s for the best, and the less stress the better. She looked good in the torch light and we all estimated around the 46-48lb bracket.

Goo hookbaits again, doing the magic for Steve, fishing in Baxters hole.

The only other bite, falling to Nickolia who moved from Beach into Tree after hearing fish show at night. He fished well and was rewarded with a fish we know as the little leather. A pb for the Danish angler and a result in what was very tough conditions for the week.

So… just the 2 fish caught, in growingly difficult conditions. Those long winter nights literally just around the corner and regular frosts predicted, the fishing can only slow down more.

It's time for stringers, solid bags or sticks, fishing for bites now, although I really believe zigs will have there day again once the seriously cold weather arrives.

Check for the up dates and how there catching them. Can’t be long before one of the big girls shows their faces or even, dare I say, the Giant might make an appearance.

Stay safe, be lucky.