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  • Rich with Shoulders at 48.08 caught on an 18ft black zig
  • Rich with a lovely mid-twenty caught on a black zig
  • Dave with a 42lb stunner caught on a 18ft black/red zig
  • Dave with a pretty 29lb+ mirror
  • Dave with the very impressive "fudgys" at 76lb..... YES she really was caught on a bit of red/black foam on a zig!!
  • Nigel with the first part of his brace of zig caught fish 18ft black foam was the downfall of this 27lb mirror
  • Nigel with the second part of his brace "the weld" at 52lb+

Rich with Shoulders at 48.08 caught on an 18ft black zig


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 20/04/2013

With the sun forecast to be out in force this coming week and the reports that the first fish of the year had been caught on zigs the previous week, we were pleased to see the new arrival of anglers had come well armed with foam of all colours and smaller hooks than the norm on Gigantica with all intensions of fishing the upper layers where the fish were most likely to be.

The guys went for the approach of working as a team and trying various depths between them around the lake in hope of finding the layers in which the fish were present, Saturday night started very positively for Rich with "Shoulders" being banked at 48lb 8oz from Alcatraz just on dark and then Neil in The Alamo came into action landing a 30lb+ common, whilst back in Alcatraz Rich had another fish of mid 20lb. All were landed on zigs around 18ft in depth and black black/red hookbaits scoring best.

With such a good start to the week the lads were full of confidence in the zigs going into the second night, but unfortunatley the action had slowed right up with no further fish being landed in the first half of the week.  The lads relentlessly perservered with the zigs altering depths, distances and colours throughout the week when finally the fish seemed to switch back on again, when Dave Mansell in The Beach landed a stunning 42lb+ mirror on Friday morning then followed this up by a double take at around midday, banking a very pretty mirror of 29lb and also one of Giganticas bigguns "Fudgys" at 76lb.  All on 18ft zigs with black/red hookbaits.  Fridays action was not over yet with Nigel in The Stink having a double take during the night on zigs fished at 18ft depth resulting in a 27lb mirror and "The Weld" at 52lb+.

Be lucky,