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  • Shaun with 26lb+ caught on a black zig
  • Marek with Equalled at 38.04 on a black/white zig

Shaun with 26lb+ caught on a black zig


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 27/04/2013

After a crazy end to the previous week with fish coming out into early hours of saturday morning our new arrivals were itching to get the rods out to try and get a couple of early bites.

Unfortunately the weather had taken a masive turn for the worse with rain expected to be in all week long, with this rain the fishing slowed down and with the lads adopting to carry on with the succesful zigs from previous weeks and battling through the wet conditions it was Marco in the alamo that had the first take on an 18ft zig with a black hookbait unfortunatley the hook pulled and the fish was lost. The lads around the lake took this as a positive that the fish were still there to be caught.

Wednesday night brought the first fish with Marco in the alamo landing a 28lb common. With slight improvement in the weather the fish started to show themselves. Then it was the turn of Marek in the stock pond to do battle with a Gigantica warrior resulting in "equalled" at 38.04 fishing a 19ft zig with a black/white hookbait and then Shaun in pole position landed a 26lb+ mirror just before dark.

With the sun becoming stronger through spring and into the start of summer, lakes will see a rise in the amount of natural activity as massive hatches of insects and inverterbrates rise up from the lake bed to the surface and all other daphnia, snails and beetles will be lurking around the mid to upper layers of the water. This is why zigs can be so affective at this time of year as the carp are searching the upper layers looking for this kind of natural activity. I believe that as our lake is very deep and with the water temperatures still under 10 degrees at the bottom the carp wont be visiting this area yet and as its been a long winter they are very hungry fish..... put a zig in front of them and they will take it!

Be lucky