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  • Scott with a lovely 40lb+ mirror
  • Mike with an 18ft zig caught mirror
  • Andrew with a zig caught mirror
  • Jim with a 26lb common
  • Andrew with wodka at 40lb

Scott with a lovely 40lb+ mirror


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 04/05/2013

The rain is still in full force and with no signs of it slowing up this week’s guys were in for a wet week, with most taking bailiffs advice and going with the zigs from the off a few guys started trickling bait in certain areas hoping they could eventually fish within their comfort zones. The first night I had my first Gigantica carp, a baby at 18lb a stunning mirror that I would love to catch in a few years’ time.

The BBQ wasn’t even extinguished on Monday night when we heard what could only be explained as some sort of jungle war cry coming from Co’s point this between the lads was meant to let each other know that they were in and needed a netsman this clearly wasn’t well practiced as a lot of shouts “are you in” followed, Non the less help arrived to net a 22lb mirror on an 18ft zig.

Wednesday night just on dark the war cry was again bellowed from Co’s point, with Andrew in battle for around 30mins things finally came to a halt as the fish had taken advantage of the weed, captain “turtle” pugwash was called into action in the boat and managed to free the fish from the weed and the fight continued resulting in “wodka” being landed at 40lbs again an 18ft zig was its downfall.

Scott fishing oblivion had seen some action in the mornings coming from the big girls swim next door so decided to trickle bait into the euro tree line and by Wednesday night he couldn’t resist the move and Friday morning the moved paid off when he landed a lovely 40lb+ mirror which is the first fish to be caught off the bottom this year!!

Jim had been baiting a spot in the margin of Alamo in shallower water and on the last morning he landed the second fish off the bottom in the shape of a 26lb common.  

Be lucky,