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  • Tom & Ben with a wicked double shot
  • Ben with "stoneacres" at 40lb+
  • Tom Maker with "two time" at 56lb+ caught on an 18ft zig
  • Jaymes Brown with a zig caught 39lb+ mirror

Tom & Ben with a wicked double shot


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/06/2013

Water temperature – 15 degrees

With the sun out in full force and finally starting to feel like summer the boys were welcomed to a beautiful sight……… it was like a scene out of Baywatch with “Barty” and “Turtle” walking round thinking they looked like the Hoff. The starting tactics were to fish zigs right up in the upper layers, it didn’t take long until Ben Warboys landed a stunning mirror known as “stoneacres” at 40lb+ on an 18ft zig, doubled up in the Alamo with Ben was Tom Maker who quickly changed his depths to 18ft and got an instant take resulting in “two time” at 56lb+. Jaymes Brown had a cracking mirror of 39lb+ fishing an 18ft zig with black foam from Co’s Point on Wednesday night.

The action slowed up for the rest of the week with a few fish lost on zigs until Gary who was fishing in the oblivion decided for a move to the tree line on Wednesday afternoon, the move paid off after the first night when he landed a common of 33lb And then proceeded to land a total of 5 fish over the last few days fishing with a light scattering of bait along the tree line.

The weather is forecast for more hot weather so the water temperatures will start to rise quickly hopefully encouraging the fish to start getting on the feed on the bottom.

The swims are still flooded but are slowly going down so please bring wellies to access the front of the swims.

Be Lucky,