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  • Chris with the clean fish 40lb+ Alamo
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Chris with the clean fish 40lb+ Alamo


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/06/2013

Water Temp 18 degrees

Sunny then turning thundery and wet

Winds light and varible going W and stronger as week progressed.

Pressure 1010 average

Clarity 12 Feet min!

Mozi's - Biblical


All hail the Glorius 16th!


Hot hot hot this week!

With temps early in the week peaking at 30 degrees and little wind to help cool it down it was sticky and the fishing was slower than expected for the time of year. The only respite being the phenominal thunder storms 3 nights in a row.


Phil was the first of the Welsh contingent to get off the mark in The Tree Line. Fishing half way down a rod length off the trees and extreme left into coypu corner. The fish he landed was a stunning 'scaly' one at 26lbs. He sadly lost two more after epic tussles near the tree line. Fish continued to bask in the tree line all week avoiding the sun and getting ready to make lurve! 4-6am just off the tree line is THE time for a bite. You can rest this swim on calm days allowing the fish to swim and feed with no lines.


Phil caught on N Trap soft straight through to size 6 Kaptor Choddy and a scattering of our faithful Mainline Hybrid doing the business for Phil. He was halving them which means they were not rolling down the marginal slope, and putting a half on the hair, very crafty boyo!


Barty the bailiffing oracle slipped into the Stock Pond swim when no one took it in the draw and landed The Unattended at 39lbs 4oz on Tuesday just after dark. 7" braided hooklinks (carefully measured at double the length of his morning glory) with size 4 Kurv B's and 3oz Gigantica Leads.


The winning hookbait was our new 20mm 'White Banoffee Specials' made to my own recipe. These are well worth a go over any type of feed.


Barty's middle rod at 16.5 rod lengths towards middle of the no fishing bank (red ticker tape on the trees, hush hush) produced the take, this is THE spot down that bank.


Thursday 4am saw Barty/Moyles'y/Fading George Michael in again after a few bream, left rod this time into the very far corner of Stock Pond bay at 24.3 RL same rig, this time a 37lb mirror, banoffee's again doing the business. This rod was in very shallow water (6-8') after Barty saw fish there when he was baiting yesterday evening.


The fish love the corners at this time of year because they are moving into the edge in prep for spawning so if you like fishing the corners May and June are the months for you!


Steve, (another sheep hearder) the Lynch Hill veteran and winner of the 'most weathered T Shirt competition' fished hard on zigs all week moving four times finally settling on Oblivion after seeing huge fish patrolling the shallow headland as they prepared to spawn. If he got anything wrong till then it was not fishing close enough to the surface. A foot under the surface in hot, calm conditions is the one. He went home empty handed but if anyone deserved a fish it was him, top angling and effort all week.


Chris and John in Alamo spent 4 days thinking it was 17 feet deep in front of them when it is actually 24 feet, strange 'taffy' marker floating to blame. They changed the depths of their zigs from 16 to 23 feet on thursday but the heavy rain at the end of the week meant but no takes came for the next 24 hrs. They continued to coax 'quality' bream off the bottom on C C Moores Live System and XXX. We tried in vain to steer them onto a couple of rods on Hybrid, good baits like CC Moore struggle to tempt carp here cos so much Hybrid goes in, just one or two rods with it on can show staunch supporters just how addicted our fish are to the staple food source, please bear this in mind.


Jacky who doubled up with hubby Dave in Big Girls put 25 yards on her cast after some tuition from yours truly, she was well pleased with that and if she had fished at 11.5-12.5 RL to the Euro Tree Line opposite from the start she could have bagged a monster as the swim had good fish traffic all week as the hot weather and occasional west winds pushed them in as they prepared to get 'sexy'. Fortunately there were no signs of any spawning in the bivvy either............


Hubby Dave 'poached' Jacky up and promptly bagged Equalled at 36lbs, a stunning fish that turned a great week into an amazing one for both of them.

The next day he bagged another, a gorgeous 27lber we have named 'Deep Throat'. No, don't think that! Its because it had another rig 6" down its throat, we had to make a huge disgorger just to get it out, well done Dave for spotting it!


The Welsh Army in Alamo finally got off the mark when Chris bagged The Clean fish at 40lbs 4oz on Friday afternoon on a 22.5 foot zig, a black Fox Zigaliner doing the bizz. Good angling for keeping at it!


Jason and Jason in Co's and Scotties caught only bream until the carp turned in in Scotties on the last two nights. Sadly Jason in Scotties lost both chances to snags, one cutting the line and the other snagging him up. We were all gutted for him as he persevered all week. The snags were removed on Saturday so the swim is now fully operational and due to produce more fish as the weed has died back massively since last year


The tiny pack of tench that live here started spawning on wednesday so the carp won't be far behind. They looked close during the hot weather but stopped when the cooler winds came in at the end of the week.


All in all a great week with great bunch of lads and lasses, we hope they all return sooner, rather than later.


I'll sign off on behalf of all the team here by saying, England 5, Wales 2.


Who's coat is that jacket?


Danny F, Mike, Matt and Barty