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  • Martin with the very impressive drop tail at 70lbs
  • Mike & Barty helping Martain get the fish level for the perfect shot
  • As they were already in the water, Mike couldn't resist the Rugby tackle.
  • Happy times at Gigantica
  • Martains successful rig and components that helped him land "drop tail"
  • Sebastian with a lovely 35.12lb common
  • Barty helping us adjust our cameras for the perfect shot
  • Martain with shoulders at 46.08lb
  • Barty with a 25lb mirror
  • Barty fish spotting
  • Herbert with a stunning 33lb mirror
  • Barty with a 24lb common
  • BBQ night is always a winner
  • The Germans discussing penalties
  • Barty with a zig caught whacker 51lbs "spence's fish"
  • Beautifully strimmed areas with permanent distance sticks behind each swim
  • Everyone on both lakes agreed that Barty was a "wichser"
  • The Gang
  • Gates open at 1pm on Saturdays if early please park here
  • After a wicked week, everyone was SAD to be leaving

Martin with the very impressive drop tail at 70lbs


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/06/2013

Water Temperature – 17 degrees

Cloud with rainy spells and the big yellow thing turned up now and then

Winds – light and constantly changing direction mainly heading NW

Pressure – 1005 up to around 1025 towards end of week

Clarity around 10 feet

Mozi’s – they will find you… And they will eat you!

We had a strange occurrence on the Saturday morning, from the lodge we could see a couple of colorful objects in a few swims, on closer inspection we found towels………. Then we realized the Germans were in town.

This week was a battle for pride with 4 lads making the journey from Germany and 1 of the guys making the long 12hr drive from Poland, and of course our very own resident Mr. Miyagi bailiff Barty (aka “Chris Moyle’s” “George Michael”) flying the flag for England.

With the fish spending a lot of time around the corners of the lake the guys were soon given all information that they would need to get on or as near to the fish as possible from the word go.

First off the mark was Sebastian taking the Germans into an early lead fishing the “Euro Tree Line” In the “Big Girls” swim. Sebastian tempted a cracking bar of gold common weighing in at 35.12lb baiting a clear spot along the margins with our Gigantica particle mix.

Germany took an even greater lead a couple of hours later when Herbert caught a 33lb mirror from “Scotties Corner” with all the Germans present in the swim along with myself, Danny Fairbrass, Barty and Bailiff Matt a celebratory German beer was in order. This is when the England vs Germany rivalry began.

Monday night and another fish was caught this time for Martain from Poland fishing in the “stock Pond”, a Gigantica regular and with a few really tough sessions behind him we were very happy to see him with the very impressive “shoulders” tipping the scales round to 46.08lb this time we celebrated with a Polish beer, just because I’m nice and don’t like to see people suffer I would definitely say…. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!

Martian was fishing long against the stock pond wall baiting heavily (40kg throughout the week) with Mainlines Hybrid that we supply on site this 100% gave him the edge as the fish in Gigantica seem to be addicted to this stuff. Martian caught using Korda hybrid hooklink and a kaptor wide gape size 4, the hookbait used was a slow sinking Banoffee wafter which has accounted for at least 90% of fish landed of the bottom this year.

Germany were confident but we had “Barty” “Moyles” or “George Michael” (you choose…) who has been on fine form recently, Tuesday morning and he pulled one back landing a 25lb mirror from “the stink” fishing over a light scattering of Hybrid and the all important Banoffee wafter.

With fish crashing in front of “Alcatraz” Barty decided on a move Tuesday night and chucked 3 zigs out up to 21ft, 30mins later and the 21ft zig with Brown foam ripped off resulting in a 24lb common, as she hit the spreader block the equalizing cheers were even heard from the road lake. “2-2 and we go to penalties was the shout” followed by “wichser” (you’ll have to google) from the Germans!

Thursday around mid-day Martain had a steady take over his baited area and after a hefty fight with a few scary moments the net was slid under one of the A-team “Drop Tail” weighing in at 70lb again on the Banoffee Wafter. Martian was the happiest man in the world and I’m sure he has still got a smile from ear to ear, top dangling buddy. this time i skipped the Polish beer!!

Thursday night and Bartys zig was in action, I thought the action would slow up, as Danny F wasn’t here anymore to cast his rods ;). After a decent fight and a few iffy moments with weed I was finally able to do the honor’s with the net, turning round to congratulate barty he was about 20ft down the bank (if you hook one on a zig just shout and holla for your neighbor – you will need HELP!) the fish known as “spences fish” weighing 51lb. fish in the net and shouts across the pond to the Germans this time was “not even nauer, can save you now”.

Saturday morning in typical German style just before packing equalized with Frank (thank you for translating for the week) catching a 35lb mirror from the tree line after moving from “big southerly” shouts of “Barty wichser” were heard from the German camp!

Be lucky,

Mike, Barty and Matt

Angler Comments

Frank Baldus - Barty is the best wichser in the world.

Herbert - Thanks for the nice week and for all your help

Sebastian & Ingo - thank you for the very nice holiday on gigantica, see you next year